Comments for Face Masks at Disneyland: Updated Mask Guidelines For 2021

Disneyland Face Mask Guidelines

Credit: Disney (Background and Inset)


  1. Jen

    Still waiting to hear about exemptions, as my 4 year old with autism, will not keep a mask on. I contacted Disneyland directly and they could not give me an answer. Legoland requires a doctor note which we have. They need to have sort of exemption policy!

    1. Joe

      No, they DON’T need to have an exemption policy. COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who it infects. If your child is unable to handle wearing a mask, then stay home and keep them safe as well as protecting others who would be around them. Just because they are autistic doesn’t mean they can’t get it and then infect others.

      1. Toni

        Now if we could just get everyone to understand that, things would be good.
        I give it two weeks, we’ll see another surge in cases because things opened, again, too soon; and some feel they should be exempt from following the rules.

      2. Antonia

        I wish EVERYONE understood this! I am a teacher, we have strict face covering guidelines, and it is quite sad when parents won’t even bother sending their child in with a proper fitting face mask. I have two autistic children in my class and they were taught how to wear their mask–by their parents!
        We keep those blue masks on hand to fit them when parents won’t do it. And we charge the parents for the mask too.

        Wear your mask, everyone!

        1. Tiffany Wondra

          Shame on you as a teacher. I too am a teacher and would never speak like this of my students. In addition, my daughter goes to school and is mask exempt because she’s severely disabled and is 6 years old. And sorry but there’s no “teaching” her to keep a mask on. I’d like to see you try with her. And btw: nobody in her class nor her teachers have gotten COVID from her.

      3. Gina

        You’re ableist healthy covid free disabled kids OUTSIDE won’t be infecting you Karen

      4. Tiffany Wondra

        Then Joe, does that mean people who have children less than 2 should stay home too? With your logic it would seem so. And so easy for you to say who I’m assuming doesn’t have a kid with a severe disability (like I do). Should we keep disabled kids locked up? NO!!! You wear your mask and my disabled kid will lot infect you with the virus they do not have.

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