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  1. EAR

    My family and I went to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT last week, and, while we are biased, we found the safety procedures well handled. Only on our second day at the MK did we see a few more of the people eating and walking, but we did our best to avoid them. We also were amazed at the lack of crowds, but while my daughter was disappointed in not being able to meet the princesses or see fireworks, she was happy to ride Space Mountain and the other rides multiple times, something we never have been able to do in the past, even with Fast Passes. The safety procedures for the monorail were top notch as well. Heck, I felt safer at the parks than the ride home from the airport in St. Louis, where our driver was doing that mask under the nose thing and complaining about not being able to breathe and his glasses fogging up. Never mind we had ours on in Orlando heat for over twelve hours a day (if one includes the rides to and from the park).

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