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Annual Passholder Payments


  1. Mike

    Yes got charged 400 bucks. And got a charger from bank because it’s a account I only use for Disney and I did not have that much in there! Disney has gone down him
    Quick this year. To much money for going there ever few months now if you get in.

  2. Sean Mullins-Rothrock

    I just got charged the amount of $250, which is basically 4 months of the silver annual passholder monthly payment amount that was waived during the COVID shutdown. Because of the recent turn of events from the pandemic getting out of control and with anti-maskers out there, we may need to cancel the passholder agreement altogether and just hope for the best next year.

  3. Jdh

    Charged $1204 . 4 months worth. Will cause my rent to bounce. Thanks Mickey. Not a big fan lately.

  4. Mandolina

    Wait so I have to wait till October for my extended pass to be available??? Did I read that correctly?

  5. RMP

    Yes, I was also charged three months of payments of $407 on Friday afternoon at around 12:30pm. I had to add more money to my checking account to cover my mortgage payment and direct debit accounts coming in tomorrow. Thank you Disney. Feel sorry for some people that are totally liquidated on their accounts and need that money if they had Debit Cards charged.

  6. Jack Mech

    Yes, Mickey has screwed us once again! Charged over $500!!!! Oh Boy! Such a pain in the butt. How long is this gonna take to be rectified?

  7. N

    I got charged by Disney and an overdraft!!!! Still waiting to get my money back. If it takes hours to get through on the phone for service, I don’t even want to think how long it will take to get my money back. This is very disappointing.

  8. Yes I was charged for three month $407.83 now I would like it back tried calling waited 30 min got through then I started to tell the problem and then they hung up on me great service. Now I plan on canceling until they straighten out Disney.

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