Comments for FL Gov. DeSantis Confident in Disney World Reopening

Governor DeSantis Disney World Reopening


  1. Dana

    When will our nursing homes be opened? Residents want to touch their loved ones!

  2. Darth Thirsty

    I just hope that when Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down on Re-Opening Day, that the pirates don’t eat the passengers!

  3. Rosie

    I am glad he is but he also is well aware of our #s and thinks we are still fine lets go forward alright what happens when there no one around anymore to support your economy or go to disney bc we all got sick or died god forbid bc you desantis are being an idiot about this!


    went to Disney world (magic kingdom) this weekend If I was you I would not go due to the only social distancing is when you are waiting to get on a ride they only sanatize the rides every 2 hours so when you get off there is someone else getting on that same ride as you and if they have or carryincovid19 you will get it also they muof hired a lot of new worker because they are so daughter has asthma was told by her dr not to wear one they made her wear one now shes sick. will never go back to Disney THEY NEED TO BE CLOSED BACK DOWN THERE IS NO SOCIAL DISTANCING AW IFIRST HAND.

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