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new disney face masks

Credit: Instagram user disney_hype_beast-80 and jollypoppins7


  1. Ghost Malone

    Don’t know why they didn’t release the Haunted Mansion masks in MK. Disney needs to stop ignoring their huge Haunted Mansion fanbase that shells out top coin for any merch. Most definitely should revisit ideas for continuing movies and even a TV series, there’s so much potential with character stories from the original 999 ghosts to even having a modern times interaction with new characters and just continue content. So many HM fans and Disney Goths world wide, stop underestimating your niche audience.

  2. Stan

    Bought some of these online and I can tell you they are very small for adults. The face covering is fine but the ear loops are way too small for adults.

  3. SG

    I will NEVER buy another Disney mask. We bought two large sets and they are terribly small even for me and I’m ‘5’6″ 135lb, so very average. The masks pull at my ears to the point of pain and falling off! I think they used small models, they’re made in Asia.

  4. Karen Nagel

    My daughter purchased three sets of the Disney masks. They are supposed to fit a small adult, but they fit on my two year old granddaughter! No returns, but nobody can wear them. Disappointed!!!!!

  5. rebel orange bird

    they really stink i can go to any material store N make better ones! The one i got is so weak you think i bought the knock off like at target! The elastic popped like within an hr and it has breathing holes for ventilation which i thought was not approved! Plus sizing is way off!

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