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  1. Cathy Mehrl

    Many AP will be in the block out period on July 11 to early august, so that already effectively limits the attendance. I miss the magic, but maybe this year I don’t renew and wait till everything becomes more settled.

    1. Lydia

      Your right right there… its better to wait then be part of the crazy but then again this all reminds me how it was in the good ol days of disney! I can not tell you how many times i called AP and they do not have answers they said they will not know for sure until parks are open everything is up in the air n could change!

  2. Miriam

    Disney/Uni are in trouble just went to legoland today was not forced to wear a mask which is good bc i have breathing issues their checks were painless and had an awesome day! Their annual for fl residents is $120 which includes park water park and free parking! Things looked a little out of place but nothing to throw off my day!

    1. Miriam

      Ps. Does anyone know how these virtual systems will affect guest assist?? Bc if its anything like rise at dhs it never worked first time bc i had to be there at like 7am to get in as time progressed i got in to find out i had to wait virtual queue and guest assist so i waited twice when a guest assist should = not waiting at all or waiting something but not twice! They do know their app never is reliable either i hope it all works out… bc then why waste my time if i am going to not be able to ride anything but wait twice!?
      The other thing i heard is springs is using a virtual queue that is guest assist like that would benefit more bc many are not willing to play w an app we could all go to the ride and get accounted for! Does anyone know???

      1. Rebel Porg

        Was told guest assist are na when they first reopen!

  3. Cindy Caine

    I heard from managers they put another measure on quarantines from ny nj ct if found not quarantined (they will do random calls or search out your cell # when you give info when you enter state) they will fine or arrest you! I would not want this to happen to anyone and i wanted to warn disney folks too! They are even in light of the way things are right now besides curfews going to have the bomb sniffing dogs at the boarders and might bring more of em out around the parks!

  4. Mark

    Well this is clearly insane! Does disney really know what to expect in august let alone dec??? They to think sensible but also like stop making things up w their butt like i do not know if i will be alive tomm w all the loons in the world! And anyone whom calls disney or knows any manager knows they do not know anything till they open and can judge! Same goes for any theme park! So lets sit tight and stop listening to every new disney jumped conclusion…. bc just like life in the mist of 2020 no one knows!

    1. Melanie Durham

      And neither do you mark! You act like you know everything!

      1. Mark

        I do know alot more than you melanie so sit down! The aholes that live on here behind the mask of fan! Ghezz no wonder theres so many people that come into the parks like they own the joint fighting w cm left and right!

      2. Bobbie Evans

        I don’t think that your comment was necessary.

      3. Davis

        Bobbie Evans sir your right! He is always uncalled for hes probably ranting in hershey where they still let him sadly manager! I on the other hand know a lot more being security but i can admit everything i thought i knew has been changed! I will agree w one that thing it changes daily! It could all change by july! Heck as ride out we told em those crazy squares do not stand here were dumb! Esp bc most people are use to stand here! But no do not listen to us we are only ride out security so you park is safe….. oh oh my other favorite was we all said no to mk and studios… and we all know mk is opening first so much that right! Anyways had to add that bc for me its just another day of waiting and telling my baby girl its ok to leave and go to be an angel!

  5. We are annual Passholder platinum and we pay for this to have no blackout days but if we have to make reservations I’m going to thing twice plus the mask. Some people say I will
    Wear one stop crying about it. Will we have a child with special needs who lives going but will
    Not wear a mask it’s a sensory thing so that’s another down side. To. It going.

  6. sonnybruce

    I renewed my ap in January for trips in April, September and December and with Disney cancelling April, we moved it to June and with Disney cancelling June, we still had September and December and now with masks required,no fireworks,parades character close ups fast passes and dining reservations cancelled what do i have to show for my $1000.

  7. Bobbie Evans

    Boy! What a good way for Disney to recoup what it’s lost and give favortism to those that have more money than the average person in order to buy the top tier! Get used to this “new” normal. What’s going on will not go away. This will be how Disney reorganizes it’s company. I was just told by a rep who sells Disney timeshares (this company was created for and by Disney), that reservations will PERMANENTLY be needed now to get into any park. You can’t just spontaneously decide to go to Epcot because you want to. You have to make reservations for these parks just like you make for a hotel and if they’re full, you don’t get in. And by the way, the reason I was talking with the rep? I put both of my timeshare contracts on the market. I’m not doing this new Disney. I’ll cherish the memories from the old Disney.

    1. Evan

      Nice try Bobbie, having to call BS on this one. Over the years Disney went from the original coupon system to a general admission pass to a one park a day pass with a Park Hopper option to generate more revenue, along with numerous other options that drive additional revenue like the tiered annual pass system and water park options. It’s all about getting the most revenue from each guest interaction. Short term, they will control attendance through a reservation system to comply with the phased opening approach required by the state of Florida. That approach does not drive revenue. If by timeshare you mean the DVC (as a member one would think you’d call it DVC) there are no Disney created/endorsed/sponsored resellers. But for the sake of discussion say it is true, why would a person (the rep) who relies on Disney for his/her income (commission from the sale of DVC points) fabricate a story that negatively impacts his/her future earning potential? Less people vacationing at WDW means less DVC points being sold? As the pandemic eases Americans will choose to travel domestically vs. internationally and Disney will benefit. There may be changes, nothing stays the same forever. Disney will position themselves where the guest experience ensures return visits, like it has for years. Cherish those old memories, as others create new memories. BTW, if your timeshare (DVC Points) were at Beach Club, I’d consider making you an offer. Thanks

  8. Tina

    I think it is important to know these are not facts yet nothing has been stated as true and Disney is just as anxious and scrambled as all of us are at the present time, Disney is an Empire a huge Corporation these are huge decisions to be made and they always consider the guests the ones that keep them going. One of my concerns is for the children (the best guests )children are easily frightened by face coverings and the unfamiliar there are going to be a lot of children upset( not a good Disney experience) many people will say talk to your kids and they will understand no they won’t they are young and should not have to try to understand chaos and Pandemic on a Disney trip.

  9. Lydia

    Disney has no clue whats going on if desantis clears 75% by july/aug things will change mark my words! Why would you code people and limit people etc at 75% baffles minds! Lets all stop jumping on each other and screaming and wait this out… ps. Disney could all do us all a favor and say for the common sense impaired and say all these rules are what we proposed and subject to change!

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