Universal Sends Out Survey to AP’s About Recent Experience

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Universal Orlando is officially reopening to the public after two days of Annual Passholder previews and some AP’s are reporting receiving a survey about their recent visit.

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The survey is asking guests for their opinion on the experience with some of the new health and safety protocols that have been set in place in order for the resort to reopen in this current post-pandemic climate.

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The survey questions want to know how guests felt about the use of face masks, rest areas, and all the other precautionary measures at CityWalk, Universal Studios, and/or Islands of Adventure during the guests visit.

Universal Orlando
Credit: Inside The Magic/ Emille Crawford

Guests are able to select from options ranging from Extremely Satisfied to Extremely Dissatisfied.

The survey specifically asked guests how they felt about topics such as face-covering protocols being enforced during attractions, while walking around the resort, efforts on reduced physical touchpoints, social distancing practices, among others.

Universal performers wearing masks
Masked performers at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. Credit: ITM – Emille C

Guests were also asked to choose between two statements that specified their feelings about the future outcome of reopening the theme parks as it relates to the health crisis. Universal wanted to know if guests felt the reopening made them feel better about the future or if they felt nervous about a potential resurgence of the pandemic

Additional questions included a sliding scale asking guests how comfortable they felt in a list of potential scenarios, including riding rides, using the restrooms, making purchases, waiting in line, etc…

The last question was regarding guest comfort level with the face covering all day. Options included how they felt wearing the coverings in attractions, how they felt while having to talk to team members, watching shows, among other options. This section also asked if guests kept their face covering on all day except when eating or drinking. The only allowed times to remove your face covering are while eating and drinking or at the designated “U Rest Zones”.

Universal released a video to help guests prepare for their upcoming visit, showing all the new procedures they have set in place to keep them and team members safe.

With all these new health and safety protocols, do you feel comfortable visiting theme parks currently? Or will you wait until the pandemic has completely subsided? Let us know in the comments! 

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