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  1. Janie

    No virtual queues bc disney system is worse than universal!!! The app glitches and breaks phones!!! (I know i work in batuu its a horror show even more in DL bc we still have older system all this will be a nightmare and cms like me will feel the wraith!!!) Stick w the codes no one wants the bus area and security to look like their parking lot and then those poor folks had to probably be turned away bc of capacity…. they did have capacity restrictions right??? If not then desantis better retcon his speech.

    1. Pretty sure the dumb mask thing will end quick. People don’t want them.

      1. Lydia

        Not if the #s keep going up the way they are… even disney idea about medically can not wear em might be taken aback!

      2. Mark

        I think we will see not 6ft apart before no masks esp at parks but in fl we were never mandatory. I am in pa now and its really been a world wind difference!

  2. Cindy Caine

    Do i go there or not as a universal team member hmmmmm help out friends at wdw or not ???? Though i doubt it hasnt hit the internet by now obviously its an article here!

  3. Barbara

    I sincerely hope you do an honest review when Disney opens. I am a die hard fan, but I am sick of all the blogger sites just saying all the good things when not all is great. I appreciate your honesty here and cannot wait for someone to say in a constructive way too when and where Disney Parks miss the mark. From the Shanghai reopening, week 1 and week 2 changes there is a lot to learn and hope they really take that into account. 10/10 for this review.

  4. Ben

    Do we really need to stress about social distancing in a theme park or in narrow walkways? Do the protestors get temperature screens and bag X-ray and then virtual que reservations? Did anyone get sick wearing facial covering in the heat and humidity? Thanks for the review

  5. Clayton

    My only issue is that you can’t preset your party size in the application. This is a problem because when you pull up a Virtual Line and it displays the available times, if you change the slider most of those times are invalid even though the display doesn’t change. This could be fixed by setting party size in the application prior to fishing for Virtual Line slots.

  6. Colleen

    Why do I have a feeling this person’s review for Disney will be all sunshine and rainbows? Cause we all know Disney does everything best ?

    1. Cindy Caine

      This is a disney fansite they just report on other things as well …. collen its called inside the magic not inside the theme parks! Also its not all sunshine and rainbows you do not know any cms apparently or been around long enough to know old disney or universal! I hate it when people make a competition out of things!

  7. Fran

    Hi, first of all this was their opening day. Of course there would be a few glitches, and I am sure management at the park was paying close attention.
    Second, if you ever got up at 4am to go to Hollywood Studios to get a virtual spot for millennium Falcon, you know that thousands of spots are gone within a minute. And that is with no social distancing and no restrictions. Have you ever tried to get a fast pass for a popular attraction at Disney. Sometimes they are booked days/weeks in advance.
    Give Universal a chance. I was at the park the day before, and crowds were very small and everything you mentioned we did and had no problem.

    1. Cindy Caine

      Bc you were there w just ap then we opened the park and thats when even my fellow team members wanted to jump ship… theres no direction and no concern you should see our parking lots!

  8. dave lingus

    looks like a joke honestly, and not fun at all . medical theater. Wont be going there anytime soon.

  9. Indy

    Please stop saying “queue line”.
    queue – a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed

  10. Jean

    WHY was my original post removed?? So here it is again..I will NOT visit any theme park until this ridiculous face mask requirement is finally over with! It is crazy to wear a face mask OUTSIDE in the open air, esp. in this heat.. that itself can cause serious problems for some while wearing a mask. I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and there is no doubt in my mind that covid-19 has been here for a long time. I also do not believe the statistics because it is already been shown that hospitals, government and whoever have skewed the results for their own personal gain/reasons. Sure, Covid can be serious for some, but those are the ppl that know they should stay home for now, it’s their choice…Our economy has been devastated as well as seniors having their final year ruined over the ridiculous over-exaggerated ‘precautions’ for this virus…I guess that sneaky lil covid virus only hangs out in amusement parks,hair salons and churches.. but not Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, shopping malls, etc…..but that’s just my opinion ?

  11. Kaya

    Disney is only waiting a bit longer because they will have to re-train a lot of their team members. Plus, they have more park to figure out.

  12. Penny Feveryear

    There is no way I am walking thru Disney in the heat and long lines with a mask. This is all political….when are you all going to see they are dictating our lives. Don’t wear the masks..,they’re useless.

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