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Universal Orlando Ticket Deal

Credit: Universal


  1. Cindy Caine

    This is not good i highly doubt universal or any company is thinking straight half the team members i know are gone or not returning! They are only asking full timers to come in and stuff is limited… how will any of this be controlled???
    Hate to say this we might have a thought about 9-11 entry but its not as good as disney codes etc.
    But honestly i think everyone needs to take a deep breathe and i don’t know being in such a jump and go! I feel like people are going to be banging down the gates w this and no park is ready for that! I am actually scared…. the next riot in the street will be the theme parks wont let me in!

    1. Davis

      I honestly think and do not know if i ever said this here or not but NO theme park is exactly #1 nor always right! They seem to go back and forth like friendly comp I do not know where the hate between parks came from! Theres many cast/team members that work at both places bc they love both theres fans of both! In this world we live in right now i think we should show support and i agree giving out tickets like this when NO ONE is really ready or sure whats going to happen was too much!

      Btw a writer of syfy wire aka a section of universal did an article of missed disney attractions! The writer even knew the top attractions i think it was not only brave but proved the competition is in everyone head besides if universal is in comp w anyone its gardens! Heck hhn vs hos proves that!

      Much luck to you cindy and your uni crew!

      1. Cindy Caine

        Same to you and everyone at dak! I agree comp is silly! Gardens is miles away while wdw is right there so i think thats why but your right…. btw your right during this time we need to stand united as theme park folks! Stay safe btw davis my prayers are w your daughter!

  2. Emily

    Does anyone know if you can you use these tickets this July? Or are they valid after the promotion ends on August 13?
    If you can use them before the promotion ends, is there any guarantee you’ll get into the parks? I thought Universal wasn’t requiring reservations.
    *Please be kind, we all have a choice and opinion regarding if its safe to go to the parks. We have the freedom to make those choices for ourselves. There is no need for judgment or shaming ?

    1. Cindy Caine

      I only know that entrances right now will be from 9-11am then closed to keep capacity! I think right now its day to day sure you could understand bc thats the world right now… we are just worried about our safety right now here! Enjoy your trip whenever you do venture here! Just note if your coming in from ny nj ct and nola they put further restrictions on you thats not to critize thats to help bc if those coming from those states are found out not quarantined they could be fined or arrested i do not want any of our fans to worry!

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