Twitter Pays Tribute to Cameron Boyce, Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams and More

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Cameron Boyce Robin Williams Carrie Fisher Remembered

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Once again, the Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce was found trending on Twitter. Today, Fans flooded the Twittersphere with memorial Tweets and explain how they are still heartbroken by the news of Boyce’s passing nearly one year ago.

But Cameron wasn’t the only deceased Disney celebrity to be trending on Twitter. Robin Williams and Carrie Fisher were also found trending.

The origin point of this social media movement appears to come from one tweet that asked “What celebrity death, in your lifetime, hit you the hardest?”

Once enough people responded to get Cameron Boyce trending, the spontaneous memorial took on a life of its own. People had no idea why their favorite Disney star was trending again, but it didn’t matter. they shared their shared sentiment: he is greatly missed and the hearts of many are still broken for him.

One fan wrote:

“Don’t really know why Cameron Boyce is trending outside of the fact that it still hurts knowing he’s gone and that it happened so suddenly as people the day before were talking about descendants 3 and then the next day….he was gone, just like that- it just hurts man.”

But it was not all Cameron Boyce fans letting their voices be heard. Robin Williams and Carrie Fisher were also found trending. Known by Disney fans for his role as Genie in Aladdin, Robin Williams made the world laugh and cry. The world fell in love with Carrie Fisher for her role as Princess Leia on screen and for the spirited, funny, and kind-hearted nature she bestowed on everyone off-screen.

One Twitter user wrote, “Robin Williams. A gift to humanity in times of sourness and sorrow.”

Another replied, “Carrie Fisher. I blubbed so hard that my nephew joked ‘you didn’t know her.’ I didn’t have to, she was a big part of my childhood.”

And like those remembering Cameron Boyce, many didn’t know why their favorite deceased movie stars were trending, but Tweeted first and asked questions later.

Cameron Boyce, Robin Williams, and Carrie Fisher are just three of the many celebrities who have passed on and are bring remembered by their fans across the Twittersphere, including Harry Potter star, Alan Rickman. 

What celebrity touched your life the most before passing on? Let us know in the comments!

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