Comments for Complete List of WDW Restaurants NOT Reopening

WDW Interior restaurant


  1. april

    No Gaston’s cinnamon rolls is like a punch right to the face.

  2. Larry

    Keeping in mind the few table service restaurants open will have limited seating this is quite a large list. Epcot will have the Food and Wine festival underway so they will have a large selection, however, the other three parks won’t. Doesn’t WDW realize the greater the variety of quick service options open will help spread the crowds out within the parks?

  3. Darth Thirsty

    Oh dear… and what of all the water fountains?

  4. Scott

    Oh this just keeps getting more confusing. Have a trip planned and booked for late in the year, still holding it incase things subside. Also actually been looking at other possible options, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, but those areas seeing large spikes. Now other states putting quarantine restrictions if you’ve traveled to Florida, Utah, Arizona, Texas, etc. Maybe just better to stay home this year..idk. Either way, I kinda wonder if we’re seeing these spikes because of the restaurants opening back up. Workers handling dirty dishes, possibly not washing hands between, bringing out new tableware, cloth mask adjusting then giving you your drink held by the rim of the cup, doing this going between multiple tables. Seen it. Cases were dropping steadily until those opened, even while people were still out grocery shopping or going to home improvement stores. Quick dining, fast food, or to-go were better options. Limited contact with fewer people. Just a thought.

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