Comments for Splash Mountain to Be Rethemed to ‘Princess and the Frog’!

Splash Mountain Concept Art

Credit: Disney


  1. Larry

    Smart decision! And it’ll be just as fun to ride.

  2. Matt

    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the updates on this. Makes sense from a business standpoint. Im sure Disney can sell a lot more princess merch than what they had for splash mountain.

    ***Also kinda looking forward to all the grumble comments that are to come*** Teeheehee

    1. Lorenzo

      Business standpoint?

      The ride had over 1 hour lines all year long…sometimes longer..

      I know…it was failing to attract guests.

      Spend the money on getting rid of Monsters Laugh Floor..now that ride is insulting.

      1. Matt

        Meh, I have an annual pass to disneyland, and the ride has average wait times. During summer, sure basically every ride has long lines. And pretty sure they regularly close rides for renovations and refurbishments.

        The bigger question is why are you so bothered by it? It’s just a kids ride. I think its a little funny to see adults get so heated on the MANY posts this website has featured on this ride changing or not.

        1. Lorenzo

          Oh Matt….

          Do you accept everything in life and never question anything?

          If so..Castro and Chavez would have loved you.

          Disney is losing millions each day and for them to say that this “re-theme” has been planned for over a year..is insulting to people’s intelligence. They don’t even give a timeline for the completion!

          It has nothing to do with a kid’s ride but more of how companies stand for NOTHING but rather how they are perceived.
          You cannot believe anything on Fox News AND CNN.

      2. Ken

        I agree get rid of MLF. Horrible! Also the Stitch thing that took the place of Alien Encounter sucks you know what.

  3. Lorenzo

    Been over a year in the making???

    How pandering can you get?

    Well.. this will bring truth, justice and equality to all…

    All of the problems in the world are gone with this decision!

    I mean the movie was a huge hit….right?…

    1. Ken

      Yeah it was successful.

      1. Lorenzo

        200 million WORLDWIDE…

        That is not a success…go ask the Disney beancounters.

        And pumping millions into an already successful ride when you are hemorrhaging money…not too smart.

        It’s the movie that killed 2d animation….

      2. TacoCat

        Having an attraction featuring Princess Tiana will be good for all the little girls that can look up to Tiana as their princess. I think this is something the little ones can look forward to.

    2. Sukii

      I wonder if they will rename it or keep it Splash Mountain?
      And now it’s a bayou themed ride in the middle of Americana will they rename the area too?

  4. Daddy

    Nice job caving Disney. Angry mob won.

    1. Anonymus

      Another Angry mob would go against it and would demand it to stay as it was. And this mob you are talking about are racist jerks.

  5. Rick Jones

    Don’t do this. That ride is a classic and one of the most popular attractions at the park. All this will do is serve to create resentment and further trouble.

  6. Jen

    How Splash mountain is now fits more to the critter country area, but i welcome princess and the frog. My only concern is young girls wanting to ride, they’re drawn in by Princess Tiana but this is still a wet ride. If they’re in costume they will get their dresses wet.

    1. Daddy

      champagne problems Jen (Karen)

      1. Matt

        I don’t think Daddy understands the use of the term “Karen” when applied to people.

        Karen – A common stereotype is that of a racist white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.

        1. Papito

          Matt, wrong…..according to the Urban Dictionary:
          A Karen is a kind of person who is unhappy when little things don’t go their way. They are a, “Can I speak to your manager?” kind of gal. AKA…Problematic female. I’m offended that you would bring race into it. You are part of the problem Sir. The name for you would be a “Ken” Look it up before you comment any further.

          1. Darth Thirsty

            What is wrong with all you people making fun?!

            Jen is concerned about girls getting wet.

            Can’t we just leave her at that?

    2. Jen

      I’m sorry what are champagne problems? Im just saying little girls like to dress up as their favorite characters even go to the boutique. Im sure they’d get upset if the ride and get wet. I like the ride myself but I avoid it alot because I don’t like getting wet myself. Who are you to call me Karen, daddy?My boyfriend and I are of colored ethnicity, we work hard and save on our trips and while we enjoy our vacations at Disneyland, theres always a moment of discomfort whenever we come in and leave our hotel because the hotel we stay at is predominately Caucasian and there are moments we feel out of place. Like the other guests see us and look at us like we don’t belong there.

      1. Lorenzo

        Why does the color one’s skin have to come up when champagne problems is brought up?

        If you do not believe you belong somewhere…that is no fault of anyone but yourselves.

        This still is a free country…you can go anywhere or not go anywhere…

        1. Jen

          The color of one’s skin was more directed toward the karen comment. This comment chain is there first time I’ve ever seen the term, champagne problems.

          1. Lorenzo

            Or “First World” problems is a better choice.

  7. Thomas

    While I’m a little sad that the Brer animal adventures are being removed, and in that one of the most fun ride soundtracks in Disney, I understand the reason to adapt, move on and reinterpret the ride, and the bayou setting of Princess and the Frog will still give it a fun atmosphere, so long as there’s plenty of Louis and his sax.

  8. Paul Alter

    I wish I could include the animated gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn in the Thriller video with the meme, “I’m just here for the comments”. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth is just a hoot!

    Splash Mountain has truly been one of my favorite attractions since it was opened. That said, every time I rode it I couldn’t help reflecting on the source material. I personally think Disney is not just doing the right thing, but is doing a smart thing by recognizing and acting on this. And the Imagineers will create a spectacular attraction for us.

    It’s all good!

    1. Sukii

      Yeah I wonder why they didn’t see this issues earlier? There sure wouldn’t be this much backlash if they just up and did it and not look like they are caving to petition and such. I never understood the music and story on that ride anyway as I never saw the movie, my husband had to explaine it to me. Oh well princess stuff is good.

      1. Paul Alter

        From what I’ve read on Disney’s statements, it sounds like they’ve been thinking and working on this for a while, well over a year. From our perspective this is new news.

        1. Mark

          Ha! and you actually believe that?

    2. TacoCat

      If this change had been done or even announced before all the current turmoil, there would not be all the backlash. But to announce it now just looks like pandering.

  9. TacoCat

    Are you now telling me that a rabbit, a fox and a bear are racist symbols? What has this sad world come to?

  10. Richard

    Another princess ride? Really? Well, if this is what the suits and customers want for the Disney parks..
    The layout of Splash Mountain may be inspired by The Song of the South but from its very beginning it has always been an own entity. It actually almost felt like an original ride. Only now that people find out about the Song of the South controversy they start complaining and see racist images. But don’t worry, Disney will get rid of it because they are terribly scared of criticism. Like every other big company the only thing Disney cares about is profit. The USA has just ideologically returned to the 1930’s with its Hays Code. Self-censorship as a reaction to possible censorship is the end of any creative process. Will I miss Splash Mountain? Yes. Very much so. It is charming, sweet and as a ride without any human characters it speaks to everybody, no matter what culture they are coming from.

    1. Lorenzo

      Well said Richard!

  11. jayden

    so excited for this-! the concept art is absolutely gorgeous, and i’ve been thinking for a long time that Tiana deserves a bigger role in the Disney universe and theme parks. not to mention, it’s just satisfying to know that all the racists that use their “fond memories” to excuse them defending racism are pissed off.

  12. Leon

    Leave it alone ! The ride itself is not racest and once you change this ride how many are next. I guess they could sell to 6 flags and by 6 Flags over Disney.

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