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Resort Dining Reservations


  1. Stan P

    Disney needs to do what they think will keep guests safe and restrictions like this will require guests to decide whether all the changes make it worthwhile to spend a lot of money for a downgraded experience. I’ll wait until 2021.

    1. Pita

      I won’t be going back. Ever! I’ll just spend my money at the local beaches in my state.

      1. TJ

        Easy way around it would be to book a reservation at a restaurant of the hotel you want to visit and once your done wandering that resort, cancel your reservation.

      2. Spring

        I so happy and so very proud that Disney is keeping us as safe as they possible can in such a bad situation.

  2. April

    Im confused by this update. It specifically says you need a dining reservation for table service. What if I am staying at OKW and want to visit the Contemporary for lunch at Contempo Cafe and shopping at their stores. Yes? No?

    1. Scott

      The reservation requirements are specifically for day guests (folks not staying at a Disney Resort). If you’re staying at OKW you should have no problem; just make sure you have your magic band that’s linked to your ressie. If you have problems getting past the kiosk, ask the security host to check with the duty manager.

    2. Nancy

      I understand they need to take precautions to keep everyone safe and this should help. As long as this is not permanent, I’m fine, esp since I will not be returning any time this year and depending on how this goes, maybe not even next year. I have 7 risk factors for covid-19. I’m forced to enjoy from afar, but hey, I’m socially distancing.

  3. MurfMom

    I want to go to Basin at GF to get some soap that is NOT available at Disney Springs (I checked). So I need to have a dining rezzie at one of GF’s restaurants? How about if I also want to visit the Enchanted Rose for a drink and noshies?

    1. Scrappy

      It’s real simple MurfMom, in reading the article, what you wish to do and what you can do are two different things. Real simple, you may not be able to do all that you used to do..

    2. Yoda

      On your soap, the store in Disney Springs is probably third party. You should be able to go to main Disney store and let them know what you want and Disney might have it either shipped to you or brought to a location for pick up. Let a cast member try to help since they are good at thinking outside the box. Also, I have no idea but is that soap on the ShopDisney app?
      Good luck.

    3. B Ays

      Or you could go to Basin.com and see if they have it on-line. I just did. Easy. Good luck!

  4. JoAnn

    This IS NOT going to work. The resorts have special shops not available at DTD or Disney Springs… you spend a heck of a lot of money to be there don’t take away our shopping too

    1. amanet17

      I think it will work just fine, if there is a particular shop you are heading to make a day of it, go for lunch or breakfast. And like someone mentioned above, cast members are some of the most amazing people and i’m sure would be willing to help if there is something specific you need. At the end of the day as Covid numbers in florida continue to climb I expect Disney will continue to put in even more restrictions and I welcome them.

  5. Kathleen

    But – what if you just want to go to the food court at a value??? Or shop?

  6. Scarlet Toruno

    Another downgrade to the Disney Experience. I know it’s for safety reasons but the Happiest place on Earth is not so much anymore. I hope all these changes will only be temporary and science will find a solution to this Covid crisis.

  7. Donna

    We canceled our next 2 trips there. We are local and by far they are the most restrictive place in Florida. Some are saying these restrictions are in place so they can accommodate NBA and MLS. Not really sure on that. But Disney wants to control everything totally. And with that, it is totally not worth any more of my money until the magic is back. And by magic, I mean being able to enjoy the simple things without a glaring look by cast/guests, and simply laughing or smiling. This is all too much stripped away for my 7000$ in annual passes. Ridiculous.

  8. Jeremiah McKenna

    Well, I’m not surprised that Disney has caved in to the hype and unnecessary hysteria. This entire Covid scam is ridiculous and these Social distancing guidelines are ridiculous. If you are immunocompromised or have one or more of the underlying medical conditions, then either stay home, or take appropriate precautions. But there is no reason to punish the rest of us for it. Shame, because we love Disney and have spent a lot of time and money at both DL and DW over the years.

    1. TacoCat

      Oh boo hoo. Stomp your feet some more because you spent a lot of money at Disney and you want what you want. Well, everyone has spent a lot of money at Disney. Tell families affected by this virus that it is a scam. Most people understand the current situation is temporary, but as long as there are cry babies like you not following rules, it will last longer.

      1. EricJ

        At WORST, it means you can’t take a shortcut through Contemporary or Polynesian to get to the Monorail, stop at AKL to look at the giraffes, or take the boat back from Disney Springs through Riverside if you’re not staying there.
        Eh. Not the fascist end of the world, considering. Apart from hopping stays, don’t think I ever hopped except for using dining reservations as an alibi to see how the Deluxe folks lived.

    2. Pita

      Exactly! I’m so DONE with them! It’ll save my hundreds of $ too.

    3. Kathleen Barr

      I agree 100%

    4. ned

      Unnecessary hysteria…Covid scam !? Is your last name Trump? Over 115,000 deaths and counting.
      I agree it is inconvenient and I am cancelling my vacation for this Dec. Hotel hopping to see all the holiday decorations is one of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season. We usually devote a whole day visiting the hotels. Unfortunately we will wait until next year ( or whenever there is a vaccine), and hope the restrictions are eased.
      Good luck to all the Cast Members.

  9. Mimi

    Our family vacation will be put on hold until Disney becomes Disney again. Understand the changes but spending $9000-$10000 on a vacation with all these restrictions is just plain dumb. Want to have my grandkiddies enjoy their vacation will all the frills. Dinning plans proper meet and greets fast passes. And for a summer visit no masks. Understand the reasons but …..
    Will be vacationing elsewhere. If Disney comes back to somewhat normal we will consider. Sometimes “changes”
    Stay even after this pandemic is over. If they do their will be other vacations to take its place

  10. Brandon

    It’s going to be a long time before I go back. I think my BIGGEST problem is that are not adjusting the prices to reflect the ridiculous changes.
    Everything is the same price.

  11. Tina

    This is all new to Disney as well,remember they want loads of lines coming into the Parks and crowded fun filled days for everyone this is what they do no one is losing more than Disney with these implemented rules, this is not business as usual this is chaotic for all of us. We like the familiar change requires discipline we don’t associate any of that with paying for fun.Disney is not over reacting they are adapting to an unknown just like all of us.All of us Disney regulars and pass holder’s are getting hit hard but it’s just temporary changes to get us back in and Disney back in business.

  12. Matt Brewster

    All these restrictions will make visiting WDW very awkward, if not unpleasant. When we consider this along with how sharply COVID cases are rising in Florida, I think WDW should postpone its reopening until at least the Holidays, or the Spring.

  13. Barbara Richards

    It’s always been this way. I stayed at Old Key West, made reservations over at the Boardwalk, drove up to gate and they let me in even if there was very little space available and the lot was closed w/ guests only. I translate this to read that you can’t just walk in and get a table anymore deciding that you want lunch while you’re touring the Floridian and are staying at Saratoga. They’re just really enforcing it now and clamping down. This will be a new normal so get used to the changes. This isn’t temporary.

  14. Evan

    Based on what one reads here, sounds like there will be plenty of room in the parks this fall.

  15. Casman

    We’re at WDW resorts now, OKW, Polynesian and Beach Club. Yesterday we drove over to Boardwalk with plan to get a Pizza and treats from the bakery but the gal at the security gate wouldn’t let us in. Riviera on the other hand said come back whenever we want as Resort guest we can do that. Most resorts are fairly empty which is fine with me.

  16. Edward

    To everyone complaining, please stop. Complaining is not the Disney way. You are just like other guests. I will go as many times because no matter what, i love to go to the parks. I cant do resort hopping sucks but see all of you complaining is ridiculous. That is fine cause I can go for you cause itll be empty since all of you choose to boycott

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