Comments for ‘Pirates’ Fans Demand the Return of Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean


  1. Storms

    We will not go see the film if it does not have Johnny Depp….that’s really the only way fans can voice their opinion anyways so no depp….no movie sales…

  2. Lisa

    It won’t be worth watching without Jonny depp.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ll watch the movie if Johnny Depp is in it and I won’t if he isn’t, but honestly, I don’t want him going back with Disney. Disney has monopolized, stomped on other companies, and cares more about their reputation and money rather than caring about their customers or knowing any truth about their actors. They don’t care about who they hurt. I think the way they’ve treated Johnny, sort of demonstrates my point. If he goes back with them, I won’t think any less of him because I know Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t the same without Jack Sparrow, he’s attached to his character, and he’s very forgiving, but accepting being back with them isn’t helping acknowledge just how rude they were.

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