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Should you ride the same Disney ride in one day?


  1. Margaret

    My daughter and I were at Disney World in October. And while we rode many other rides that day, including Galaxy’s Edge, our favorite was Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. We just couldn’t get enough and rode it 8 times. We closed the park that night, on that ride. So much fun!

  2. emcg

    I went to WDW with my granddaughter and we rode Expedition Everest 10 times in a row. After our fast pass was used we went thru single rider because there was no wait, just walked on for the next 9 times. She wanted to do more but I wanted to move on.

  3. nick

    I know it’s not a record, but we once rode Test Track 4 consecutive times without ever leaving our car. There was no line and the cast-members let us just keep riding.

  4. Eric

    I worked for Disney back in 2007-2010. Our creative group had a private party at DAK. They had Expedition Everest running for us during the party. I got on at 8pm and rode till 10pm a total of 21 times. Best time of my life!

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