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    He’s not wrong. The theatre industry is currently facing this “dilemma” too. Tokenism needs to stop. Separate but equal is just as offensive given the fact that we are capable of so much better than that as only hiring from one specific group to begin with. I’m all for creating projects that are heavily race-based, LBTQ+, female, etc. to create a genuine sense of community/unity/etc., but it’s 2020. We all need to do better.

    However, doing better also requires us not to just scream about things, point fingers, and make thoughtless demands. I’m not saying Mackie did this at all; I only think he needs to give Marvel Studios more credit looking at the slate of projects they have coming up. It will be interesting to see the shifts made because they ARE trying to make big leaps in that direction at least as far as casting goes. Hopefully those leaps are made on the production side as well.

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      If they FIND Qualified people who apply they need to hire them…and stop judging when they hire. I’m a Mixed race…although I look White! so how do they get past that??

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    Seriously. I wish celebrities would just shut the hell up.

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      Melanie Durham

      I agree 100%

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