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Credit: Disney


  1. Irene Piluso

    What about guests that do not have a smart phone? How will that work?

    1. Bailee Abell

      Hi! You will still have the option to purchase a MagicBand or use a Key to the World card, in that case.

      1. Billie Hanson

        Purchase being the key word.

  2. Pita

    Another lost perk! I don’t see the prices dropping for a subpar experience. Universal here I come.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Bye bye then! More room for me

      1. mark

        Universal adds Epic Universe while Disney is charging full price for half a park!

  3. emcg

    Charging for Magic Bands now. I see You can get a card like you use to if you don’t want to buy a discounted Magic Band. I wonder would they mail that to you so you can still do the early check-in and just get off the bus and go straight to the park when you arrive.

    1. TacoCat

      You can’t go to the parks without a reservation. So, no, you can’t just get off the bus and go to the park.

  4. Christa

    I think this is just another way to suck more money out of the guest.
    Cost aside, wearing a Magic Band is so much easier than having to pull out your phone or a card every time you want to use a Fastpass ride, make a purchase, open your hotel room, link your Photopass photos… I’ll be using my old Magic bands next time I go. (Whenever that is).

  5. Alexis

    Hopefully this opens the door for Google Pay & Apple Wallet to effectively replace the band through UWB & NFC.

  6. Larry

    I wonder how this will work with the photo options for select rides? Some rides sends photos directly to your account based on the chip in your MagicBand.

    1. How can I purchase mom Minnie & dad Mickey magic bands

  7. Dan

    Here is my concern. The battery doesn’t die in my MagicBand after a long day in the parks. So if this is an extra thing I need to run on my phone then I’m not sure I’ll be getting the full experience.

  8. mark

    Bob “Cheapo” Chapek strikes again!

  9. Theo

    I made reservations for Feb. 2021 this week and I was still able to place an order for complimentary magic bands for all members of my party. Are we sure they are still sticking to this plan?

  10. Nancy

    How can I purchase a mom Minnie & a dad Mickey magic bands

  11. Beverly Staley

    We have been passholders for many years. One of our bands is held together with duck tape. I am not paying extra for a new band. How cheap are you. We don’t even eat at the parks : too expensive.

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