Comments for Land Near Disney’s Animal Kingdom Reportedly Being Developed

Tree of Life

Credit: Disney


  1. Jamie

    Does that mean daks expansion is happening? Please let it be zootopia or bring back tarzan rocks!

    1. Lydia

      Tarzan rocks now theres a throwback and a great show darn you nemo!

  2. Evan

    In case you missed this from the news release, “Keep in mind that the land under contract is not owned by Disney, and these vacation rental properties would not be owned or operated by Disney at all. But they would provide another off-property option for vacationers who want to travel to the Most Magical Place On Earth without paying the cost of staying in a Disney Resort hotel.” Not a AK/Disney expansion, it’s a private development. Given the current economic environment in Disney Corp. and projects currently underway or on hold at WDW, unlikely there will be any AK expansion in the near future.

    1. Davis

      Actually i heard it is dak property and is for dak!

  3. F Gomez

    Looking at the location on the map it’s hard to imagine being able to see Pandora, Expedition Everest or any AK landmarks that far away. There are resorts currently a lot closer to Disney property than this proposed site, such as The Holiday Inn Club at Orange Lake Resort. So to state you will have great views from this property seems like a stretch, unless it will be a very tall skyscraper.

  4. Anonymous

    This is horrible. It is going to add tourist traffic into residential areas endangering kids when they are waiting for the school bus or playing in the area. This quite area will be destroyed by the addition of this development. A petition is being started now to stop this development.

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