Creepy Color-Changing Haunted Mansion Tumblers

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Summer is upon us and we cannot think of a more exciting way to enjoy hot and cold running chills than with these color-changing Haunted Mansion tumblers. Crafted in the style of popular similar Starbucks cups, these cold beverage receptacles change hue when affected by contents.

As the temperature heats up, why not enjoy some Mansion thrills with your chills? Courtesy of a couple of Etsy vendors, we’ve found a pair of fiendishly fun fit for foolish mortals and spirited fans alike.

WDW Mansion

It seems that color changing cups are the IN thing this summer.  From Hogwarts house cups, via Starbucks to Disney character cups found on Etsy.  But, what if these chameleon-like cups are just a bit too cheerful?  Not to worry.

For those who prefer their refreshments with a bit of boo, a pair of paranormal inspired incarnations materialize just in time to happily haunt your summer.

Color-Changing Haunted Mansion Tumblers Hogwarts cups

Character Cups

Color-Changing Haunted Mansion Tumblers

Two different Etsy vendors offer unique Haunted Mansion inspired transforming tumblers to add a bit of chill to your creepy cool beverage binges. Both Halloween in summer versions offer personalization, too!  Due to the way these terror-ific tumblers are made, they can only be hand-washed.

First up, Etsy seller JorieKateCreates offers a Haunted Mansion style frame (in black vinyl) featuring one of the faces from the infamous mansion wallpaper.  Within this frame, the familiar haunting words “Welcome Foolish Mortals” appear Additional decoration, by way of several Mickey Mouse shaped wallpaper, surround the fancy frame. Hitchhiking Ghosts haunt the back. For $16 (plus shipping and any optional extras, like personalization) she sells several styles:

  • Blue – turns purple
  • Green – turns dark green
  • Orange – turns purple
  • Pink – turns blue

Color-Changing Haunted Mansion Tumblers Plaque 1

Cup1 back

Cup 1 side

Next, MariasMagicalMemory offers a creepy cool color changing Haunted Mansion tumbler with the words “This Chamber has no windows and a no doors.”

This Tiffany blue 24 oz cup utilizes “holographic color shifting vinyl” for the above phrase. A large face from the haunted mansion wallpaper adorns the space between the lettering (made of the same holographic vinyl).

When properly chilled this cup turns a light blue (as shown below).  Maria uses a light coating of resin on each cup’s exterior to ensure the vinyl does not vanish.  This Mansion inspired masterpiece requires the forfeiture of $22.99 mortal US dollars (shipping and personalization extra).

Color-Changing Haunted Mansion Tumblers Cup 2 front

Color-Changing Haunted Mansion Tumblers cup2 close


Magical Mansion tumblers make Summer much more chilling

Both unique items, give the just the right amount of Haunted Mansion magic to full summer fun with thrills AND chills while enjoying a cool, refreshing beverage. As alternate colors materialize and vanish as fill, enjoy and empty your creepy cool cup, you’ll want to hurry back for more macabre magic – after all it IS important to stay hydrated.

Which of these Haunted Mansion color changing tumblers will be joining your spirited summer drink fun this year?

Source and images Etsy, ITM Archives

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