Comments for Furloughed Cast Member Still Awaiting Benefits

Furloughed CM waiting for benefits

Credit: News 6 Orlando


  1. Jamie

    Ok but now your going back to work so stop complain! Your worst then the protests!

    1. Kaya

      You do realize she have bills to pay right? And they are not going back to work until late June and July? Your comment is heartless and insensitive

      1. Janie

        No its not most cms i know are back at wdw! Cms are the best at complaining! Just bc you do not know how to use your unemployment thing dont blame disney! Besides i am from dl i know what shes going through but unlike mellinial whom wants money to drink i have a family!

        1. Evan

          Wow Janie, who pooped in your cornflakes? The Florida Department of Employment Services has gone on record stating they are struggling to handle the tremendous influx of applications due to Covid 19 and are weeks behind processing claims. If you know what she’s going through, why so negative? And the drinking comment?? I hope you and your family have a great week!

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