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Florida Travel Restrictions

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  1. Mat

    That’s funny considering the cases in Florida are skyrocketing and the cases in nyc are on a steady decline…Nyc should ban Floridians from trying to escape

    1. Monica Horn

      I am from NJ (the southern part where our #s never got worse than most other parts of the country) and I feel exactly the same! I have a mid-Sept, paid in full, non-refundable DVC rental and this announcement is ridiculous! Thanks to north Jersey bordering NYC, all of us in NJ have been under more restrictions for longer than most areas in the USA. As a result, our #s have been steadily dropping. It’s time to cut us a break. We have been told, “If you comply, this will be over for you sooner”. I guess Desantis didn’t get that memo!!!!!

    2. You are so right more and more People are coming down here form New York and do they really think this people are going g to stay in a hotel
      Room or a house for 2 weeks. Right. They will be at the parks in the stores. They don’t care. Bc who is going to watch them give me a break. All I see in the store parking lots are cars from New York New Jersey. I know someone that came from Brazil and they didn’t self quarantine. So the people who live down here have to take extra steps now or go back to the beginning

      1. Carol Bellamy

        Do you realize just how big Connecticut, New Jersey and New York really are? What makes you think that we should self quarantine for 14 days? Florida state is no better than any other states. Florida will gladly take our money and don’t care where it came from. And just for the record, these states have well over 3 million people. What makes you think that you next door neighbor, spouse, kids or parents won’t transmit the Covid -19 to you? It makes me think that people who write these blogs lacks commonsense or don’t think outside of the box. With the current rise in Florida with the Covid-19 cases just within the last 7 days, it has sky rocketed to over 1000 new cases. And the people who actually contracted it were Floridians.. Not visitor from CT, NY or NJ. And just some facts so that we are all on the same sheet of music. The Covid-19 cases in CT, NY and NJ has drastically decreased over the last 30 days to about 10 cases per day.. Unless, Florida. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but who are you to say that people can’t come and visit the Sunshine State. Now supposed, people in NY, NJ and CT owned a vacation or second home there. Are you saying that we can come to Florida to our home in which we owe? Hell, Broward County has no probably accepting my money for taxes, insurance, water and utilities. Please think before you speak

    3. Silas Doogood

      The three states DeSantis has restrictions on — NJ, NY, CT — currently have 450,000 active cases and are increasing by 1,700 cases a day…so even with the decline in new cases, the tri-state area presents an outsized risk.
      Plus those three states are seeing over 140 deaths a day. That area is not ready to be given free reign to spread the disease through selfishness and wanting to travel.

    4. Kelly

      According to the Florida department of health this is Incorrect. The order is set to expire July 7. It has not been extended Until the end of July. Maybe fact check before posting this information

  2. Mat

    This is funny considering the case in Florida are skyrocketing while the cases in nyc are on a steady decline …Nyc should clap back with a travel ban next

    1. Cassie

      Give me a break. The tristate are numbers are declining while Florida numbers skyrocketed. Jersey is lucky if we have 5 flights a day going to MCO right about now and of those flights 2 seats in each row have to be left open so this govern just proves how stupid he is. Blame the tristate for the idiots in your state who can’t stay home. We’ve pretty much been home for 100 days now up here. Maybe learn something from Cuomo and Murphy and your state won’t be in shambles. You don’t want to take my money I’m sure another state gladly will.

      1. Silas Dogood

        Yeah-the tri-state are has 450,000 active cases and Florida has 55,000.
        The tri-state area is seeing 1,700+ new cases a day. Cuomo jammed nursing homes full of covid infected individuals blowing up the New York caseload.
        Florida is hardly in shambles…
        Can’t see the forest for the trees, can you…

        1. monica

          Silas- Can you please post where you are getting these stats? I’m trying to fact check and cannot find anything to support your posts.

        2. Monica

          Silas As per a google search of each state and the words, “new covid cases”– As of June 12, the THREE states (population total 32.35 million) that make up the “Tri-State area” have 1750 new cases. FL (21.48 million) has 2581 new cases.
          So, based on per capita new cases, FL is definitely doing worse than the “Tri States”

      2. Carol

        Cassie….Well Said.

  3. jax

    From nj here, rescheduled spring break trip for mid July. Trip was to look around for possible move. Not gonna lie the actions florida governor has taken has decreased our interest in moving there sadly. The extension of quarantine for tri state area when we are doing so much better number wise, data doesn’t lie right, is laughable. I’m actual canceling because their numbers are so high now. I’ll stay-cation here with my 😷 and I hope the to state area puts a travel ban in effect on Florida residents making them fill out paperwork at the border too.

    1. Marcella Ambrosino

      I think it’s absolutely ridiculous!!! I’m in NJ I have tested NEGATIVE for antibodies and we have a trip coming up in August to fort Lauderdale and for the 2nd time I’m going to have to cancel!!! At this point I don’t even want to visit your state!!!! We have declined and our numbers are great!!! We should be banning and quarantining your state!!!! Utter B.S.

  4. Sharon

    Can you stop using the powder blue writing. Is hard to read. Thanks

  5. Paulie

    Very disappointed that the tri-state area is being singled out at this time. I understood the EO when our numbers were on the rise and higher than many other states. Currently I was 50-50 on going July 17 to WDW anyway with much higher positive cases happening and WDW isn’t open yet. I’m also thinking maybe Floridians should remain in their state for that brutal summer as many come north to get away from it

  6. Monica Horn

    This is political. I don’t know what the Governor’s agenda is but it’s NOT to keep Covid19 carriers out of FL! He is freely allowing travelers coming from the states currently in the highly infectious category, the new “hot spots” and restricting the 3 states who have the BEST stats in all of the USA!
    I wonder if the “Tri-State area” Governors fired back and stopped at the border all the Florida retirees who come north for the summers, what DeSantis would do?

  7. Martha

    This is completely ridiculous. So if you are going to WDW for the soccer tournament, you are a student vising for an educational reason or are attending an NBA sporting event, you don’t have to quarantine? And…guests from foreign countries can visit without quarantining? But, if you are from the tri-state area you will be stopped in the airport or at a check point on the highway and told to self quarantine for 14 days? Wow. Profiling at its best. I live in a small rural town in CT no where near NY or NJ that has not had a new case in over 3 weeks and the numbers never even got into the double digits. Hope Karma treats you well FLA.

    1. Alex

      Its discriminating against the tri state area, which has flattened the curve. Florida cases are growing, not because of us . Alot of the tourist dollars come from us!

      1. Carol

        Yup, and I am about to give them more money 4th of July weekend.

    2. Tammy Boylan

      I am in CT too. Our numbers here are lower then Florida’s. Our hospitalizations are under 300 now. We have been on a steady decline. Florida’s numbers are increasing a lot. Not sure how true this is but from what I’ve heard it’s not mandatory to wear a mask in Florida now, some stores yes but not at a lot of places. I’ve been going down to WDW prettt much yearly since I was a kid, I was there last end of September. I’m saving money on not going this year!

      1. We live in wny on the shoes of lake Erie, as far west as one could possibly be and still in NY. 8 hrs away from nyc, 45 min from Erie, pa. Pa residents are not banned and we have to quarantine because of our NY address? We spend thousands of dollars every year at Disney. Florida definitely benefits from all of us western New Yorkers, Unbelievably unfair!

  8. Krista Hennessy

    When is this executive order extension set to expire? Cant find that info anywhere.

    1. Kelly

      July 7. I called the Florida department of health. This is incorrect

  9. Marcella Ambrosino

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous!!! I’m in NJ I have tested NEGATIVE for antibodies and we have a trip coming up in August to fort Lauderdale and for the 2nd time I’m going to have to cancel!!! At this point I don’t even want to visit your state!!!! We have declined and our numbers are great!!! We should be banning and quarantining your state!!!! Utter B.S.

  10. Barbara Avan

    thats not fair 😕 I can’t even see my family in New Jersey because of this ! Florida sucks numbers are keeping going up ! Thanks to governor we are going to have the second wave!

  11. Jamila Grace

    The restrictions includes the NY Tri State area ( CT , NJ and CT) I live in Southern Jersey which is apart of the Delaware Tri state area ( PA, DE and NJ), so I hope I okay. I have a trip paid for in mid July. I’m praying the Governor doesn’t extend the ban which expires on July 2. If so I’m pulling I don’t live in the NY tristate area” argument! Which I do not. This is ridiculous!

  12. Carol

    Do you realize that CT, NY and NJ has more than 5 million people living in these states? And just to be clear, who is going to watch any person self- quarantine? If Florida wanted to pin point and subject people to visiting, then all the people who own a vacation or second home in Florida shouldn’t be charged for anything whatsoever. The things that people say are just UNBELIEVABLE. Unless, Florida is a private island with 3 cases like Hawaii, and unless Florida cases are completely cleared (which will never be the case because within the last 7 days, Florida has received 1000 new Covid-19, please keep your thoughts to yourself as the Governor may be in charge of the State, but he or no one else can stop ANYONE from traveling and unless they are put in a shelter, who the heck is going to watch and ensure that anyone will self quarantine. Get a grip and think.

  13. Carol

    So I have actually numbers.

    Connecticut Covid-19 cases: 44,461
    Florida Covid-19 cases: 75,568

    21 states are seeing upward trends in newly reported cases from one week to the next: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Oregon, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming.

    • 21 states are seeing a downward trend: Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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