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FL CDC Tourism


  1. Darth Pence

    Nobody should worry. If things get out of sorts again, Captain President will just send the army down there to get control of the virus.

    Then he’ll make sure to pose in front of the Magic Kingdom castle wearing an upside-down Mickey Ears Hat on his chin.

    Then he’ll tell us what a great time the ghost of George is having inside the Haunted Mansion.

    He’ll conclude by singing, “You’re Welcome” and the stock market will rocket up 2,000 points.
    THERE— Second Wave of the Virus = SOLVED.

    1. Grace Kelly

      After all the rioting can we go back to normal

  2. Miriam

    Thats what we get for being in a mad rushed world!!! Thinking about nonsense and non essentials like vacations instead of worrying am i going to be alive tomorrow to enjoy it!

    1. Jamie

      My best friend is not thanks to covid and from reading around neither is davis daughter of non covid situation! People need to open their eyes more to whats important!

  3. Rebel Orange Bird

    The cdc also said masks are going to protect us… yup cloth masks! Its a piece of cloth! Guess what folks i did not get covid but i got a cold and had a mask on! Go away cdc and who its the flu!

    1. Tim Disselkoen

      What an ignorant comment. Not only is it not the flu, but it’s a serious blood vessel disease.

      1. Janie

        Your just ignorant to not read thats what it could be in phase two it says it directly in your link … it is linked to the flu! Drs in fl and cali figured that out! Oh btw the virus vaxx they are creating has the same ingriedents similar to the flu shot and redemivir which the drug one could take now is what they created to guess what fight the swine flu! Btw the cdc did say masks will not protect you!

  4. Lydia

    Just heard on news tonight deaths are treading low but there were 1400 new cases within the past 2 days and this 1st 50% wkend has not happen yet! ?

  5. Krista

    It can’t be much worse than the groups congregating without social distancing all over the country for the protesting.

  6. Grumpy

    4000+ new cases of covid-19 in 72 hours just in Florida alone. These numbers are not even part of the possible spike from protesters. These are from the reopening that started 2 weeks ago

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Forget this wkend at 50% this will be intresting for sure though i feel floridians are like thinking like use new yorkers that line from star wars “never tell me the odds”

  7. It is hilarious how facts are left out of the numbers. There are more Positve results because they are testing more people especially in locations where little or no testing had been done. The result of concern should be as is Infection/death ratio not the number of infected persons. Most of the people who are testing positive are not being tested in hospitals but local testing sites. So of course the numbers will increase.

    1. John

      Thank you Ruby for being a voice of reason basing your insight on facts instead of conspiracy theories and politics like the article. For some the sky is always falling.

  8. Grace Kelly

    Set us free

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