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ron desantis


  1. michelle collier

    Why would he , he’s all about money over lives. Disney I would hope as more sense but that seems to be determined. They don’t have to follow his recommendations.

    1. Is that you people want let kids to stay miserable at home all year and never to have fun again some life so shut up and let the governor do want he wants

  2. People are taking a risk and people travel down here is also a reason the high count . Disney is not worth risking getting sick or spreading more germs down here and also risking the health of there cast members. And for those of you who are willing to spend all the money and get half of what you are paying full price for. More power to you.

  3. Rebel Orange Bird

    Its sad bc he went from caring and you whats right or else to listening to his best buddy trump whose telling him to say more testing is it… okay then how come we have the same tests and our #s declined and your becoming the new epicenter in fl?
    Besides i dont get the mad rush to go on vacation either disney is not going anywhere is it? Isnt your health more important? isnt the health of cms more important? Let alone the children bc now they are getting sick when they were not and your going to open a theme park geared towards families… mark my word this is not going to be pretty! Yet alone the petition going around has all its signatures the mayor stands w it but you know desantis wont! Disney sadly has its hands tied w desantis bc obviously if it was up to them ie. See dl! Sadly this is a nightmare waiting to happen i have a feeling we will be us within opening i hope your not but i heard from people at uni etc and they are discussing going overiding desantis i wish disney would stand ground… but then again money talks! But whats going to happen if the money is all gone bc someone dies then what?

    1. Lydia

      Its good to see you back rebel missed your insight N sarcasm you N darth fill in blank have been missed!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        I do not comment anymore on lying websites that lack the info. I just had to speak up ty for caring.

        1. Evan

          Gee whiz, Disneyland delayed opening because they could not get approvals from the state of California. DeSantis can stop WDW from opening, but he cannot force WDW to open, that is a Disney decision. Universal is laying people off 2 weeks after opening due to low attendance. Orange and Osceola Counties have had 10,460 positive tests with 80 deaths through yesterday. In contrast Miami Dade County alone has had 31,562 cases and 947 deaths through yesterday. Where do you get your information? Do you do any research? I hope you are not just regurgitating what you hear on CNN?

    2. Janie

      Evan i want to know where you got yours i work at dl we were closed by our govenor till further notice desantis does not care! I hear it from my friends he blames testing that stopped 2 wks ago bc they ran out i know bc i am military and we are sending fl kits from cali! Sadly fl #s were worse than ours getting to 10k per day in the past 2 wks wo much testing going on they need to lock again like we are thats why we are in a holding pattern…. wdw should be in one too!!! I agree though rebel had some wrong facts disney can do what they want they chose to open and not care about us cms! Told to work or else and many of us are parents w kids and no place for them to go i am sorry i am not choosing anything over safety and my kids! This is a blood infection no one should be risking health on vacation!

      1. Evan

        Hi Janie, just saw your question so you may never see reply. The info came from the LA Times – June 24, 2020…“The state of California has now indicated that it will not issue theme park reopening guidelines until sometime after July 4,” the Disney company officials said. That would not give the company enough time to recall staffers and prepare the parks to reopen by mid-July, it said.” No mention of the Governor. Also from the same article, “Andrea Zinder, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers union Local 324, which represents Disneyland’s front-line retail workers, said Wednesday that while the group has agreed to Disney’s recall process, the company has yet to address many of its concerns.” Never heard the state of Florida running out of test kits, one would think the media would jump all over that story? Not sure how Florida could continue to confirm the rise in Covid, starting June 12th, without continuous testing? In Orange and Osceola counties through yesterday (July 5) there are at 13, 807 confirmed cases and 85 deaths. The numbers for Miami-Dade and Broward (south Florida is the “hotspot”) are 57,381 confirmed cases and 1,412 deaths. South Florida is 4 times the number than central Florida and climbing. (sourced from Google and the Jacksonville, FL local news). I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy, you find employment that doesn’t jeopardize your well being and thanks for serving our country. (USAF retired)

  4. Matt Brewster

    DeSantis is out of his mind to allow WDW to reopen at a time like this!!!

  5. SD

    I hope the Governor is ignoring all the lib trolls here. Stay home if you’re that afraid, but you were not planning to go anyway. Disney doesn’t close down for the flu and didn’t for H1N1. Covid disappeared from the news for protesters. Funny how they are trying to lock us down now. It’s all a plan to destroy our way of life. I plan to enjoy my life, you all go stay in your safe spaces!!

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