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Florida California Face Mask Mandate


  1. Tacocat

    Why bother with a mandate if it isn’t going to be enforced. Makes no sense. Needs to have at least a fine.

  2. Rocco

    I thought it was obvious that we(Florida) opened up to early. Now we can see that again is obvious. Serious spikes in infection. Oh please Governor, more testing is the reason why? This state, this country needs scientists and informed leaders who care about its people! Not the interest of political aspirations continuing to erode our lives! Please can we be saved from the greed that is so obvious!?!?

    1. Shelly Catron

      I do NOT think it was obvious that we(Florida) opened up to early nor do I think that it is obvious now…
      The media and many politicians has purposely put that inaccurate spin on this whole virus thing…fear mongering and sensationalism to further a political agenda.
      Science involves alot of guestioning and guess work.
      Scientific models like polls are often wrong because they are only as good as the information they use.

      Using scientific questioning, the serious spikes in infection could be the results of more testing but it could also be because many of the new cases are NOT actually tested just diagnosed. The systoms of the Cornavirus 19 are similar to other illiness such as regular flu, food poisoning, allergies, colds, sore throats ..etc.
      Dont forget there are also financial incentives that been put in place for the medical field as result of this virus. We as ordinary citizens are not being given accurate or complete data such as the things I mentioned .

      Our Governor, our state, Our President, our country does have scientists and informed leaders who care about its people!
      Unfortunately there are some Politicians and media who’s interest and greed continuing to erode our lives! ..
      I predict that there will continue to be “serious spike in number of cases” through out our contry for at least the next 3 or 4 months…and in Fla there will be a large spike in cases in Jacksonville during early August…
      The seriousness of this virus has been hijacked by politicians who never let a ” crisis go to waste.”…
      But we will be fine..

  3. Diane

    I think it is stupid, you only wear it to keep the goverment happy have not and will not wear a mask let people live there life as they wish. If your that scared, stay home,(and by the way stop all mail to your house grow your own food) it’s a joke and all lies.LIVE LIFE

  4. Bonnie Collins

    It should be your choice not the governments.


    I am a huge Disney fan but I am considering never going again because of this over reaction requiring the customer to wear a mask.
    Some customers have
    legitimate medical and psychological reasons for not wearing masks.
    Personally, I can not wear a masks, I feel like I can not breathe and am going to suffocate to the point I have panic attacks!

    I can not eat or sleep thinking about being the possiblity of being trapped in my house and not going anywhere without a mask…

    Disney World has always been my Happy Place to escape to but I am being to think that Disney is not Happy to have all customers…at least not the handicap ones/ orders ones…
    Also this is America where the individual should be free to make decisions for themselves not government
    Anyway this is more about politicans and capitialism (trying to find a way to make money by appearing government)…neither group really cares about the rights of individuals.

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