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Disneyland Goofy Face Mask


  1. Davis

    We never had one in fl and yet wdw is mandatory thats why everyone is going bonkers about it! And yet our cases went up so whose to say whats right anymore…

  2. Doug

    I have yet to see but mabey 1 out of 10 people wear/use a mask lets just nix em

  3. Paul Alter

    Here’s an interesting lesson: in Colorado we’ve been opening up and now restaurants and bars can seat people, parks are open, etc. Face coverings with social distancing and hand washing/sanitizers are still required, and compliance is still high. Guess what? The number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to drop. These precautions have every bit of evidence of being effective.

    The states where they’ve been opening up and either have relaxed precautions or have low compliance? The rates are going up.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    I hope Disneyland stays the course with their precautions. As difficult as it is with them, being identified as the source of an outbreak would be far worse for them than reduced attendance from the precautions.

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