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  1. Steve

    Please link to these official statements on Disney’s site!

    They have so many different pages with conflicting info.

    1. Rebel Porg

      Its bc they are changing it as time moves on! For instance i called AP directly and this is what they told me…. btw this could also change but right now this is what i got…
      1) you will be getting a QR code link in email! This will be the only guarentee into a park.
      2) one park per day! Please note due to capacity your park or day might not be available.
      3) You must however in the 2wks you will have to select days know ALL days your going for the rest of the yr at that time and choose them.
      4) they do not know how this will affect FP+ when it returns or guest assist. The latter they know will be aloud. However they do know due to the code their will be less people are more opportunity for the virtual queue to work bc it will be functioning queuing handful of people vs millions per day (hypothetically speaking to make pt).
      I hope that helps oooo and no regular hotels at this pt just dvc! They are going for one thing at a time which makes complete sense…
      I hope this helps!

    2. Janie

      No one knows for sure the last a manager told me was they were discussing esp here in dl… no masks make boxes into stand here boxes not do not stand here OR keep masks and no social distancing lines are normal!

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