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disney world proposal ideas


  1. Jennifer

    If it’s an issue have the man holding onto a shelf or a bar of some kind. He doesnt have to be dead, I guess.

  2. John T Russo

    OMG!!!! JUST STOP! The happiest place on earth for 50 years! If anything in disneyworld offends you, DON’T GO

  3. Brandon

    I proposed at Disney World more than 12 years ago. Under the advice of a Disney concierge, I ended up proposing at the Fort Wilderness Resort of all places. I had an idea of a carriage, a glass slipper presented on a pillow and a ring waiting in the slipper. They convinced me to take a boat across from Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness for the fireworks and they’d have the horse and carriage waiting with the glass slipper on a pillow of flowers as I requested followed by a romantic carriage ride with champagne and ending at a viewing area with the fireworks show sound piped in. While all of that happened… it was also a little different than my vision. The romantic carriage ride was in an old west themed carriage through scenes a camp ground with people hanging their underwear and socks out to dry and my now wife was initially totally pissed at me for insisting we leave the park to watch the fireworks from…Fort Wilderness??! Haha it was memorable but if I could do it over again, I’d have saved myself a lot of money and proposed in front of the castle during the fireworks. My wife still retells the story as.. “He proposed at a camp ground and took me on a romantic ride past people cooking beans over campfires” hahaha. Live and learn I guess. We are still going strong several years later.

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