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  1. Wes Peters

    Do to my asthma I cannot work a mask for extended periods of time. What are my options when coming to the park, can I get a refund on my annual pass?

  2. Mmluv

    Guest is required to have a theme park reservation in addition to valid admission. Reservations are subject to cancellation at any time. Wow, that part is worrisome. Even if we have everything that is required, they can still cancel our reservations at any time. We come from out of state with lots of planning and traveling not to mention the vacation time used from work. All of that just to get there and be turned away? Not sure that’s a gamble we can take. We had a trip planned for April and June, both canceled. We also have a reservation for November that has been in place since early 2019 and it looks like we might not be able to make that one either. I know Disney is in a tough spot right now but I’m still bummed.

  3. Rick Anderson

    If you are an annual passholder and have a resort reservation you should be a priority to enter a theme park. Reason: if you book a room you are investing in your resort stay and if your can’t get in the park during your stay you will most likely cancel your stay. For us pass holders it makes planning difficult.

  4. Ken

    We have been passholders for years. We love Disney. But we bought it to spend time together as a family. I read the limit on a reservation is 4 people. We happen to be a family of 5 between me my wife and three daughters. This policy made by the most family friendly company on earth excludes most families. It makes me very sad. I’ve been to Universal Studios twice since reopening without a reservation. They are temp checking, masking, social distancing and using virtual queues. I feel safe there. I like Disney better but I guess I have to go to the place that actually lets me in.

  5. Kelly Connerton

    Disney has been losing money since this started but they seem to forget, so are the people that visit. Their own cast members have been furloughed and the Unemployment rate is in the millions. People that have paid for the unrestricted annual passes and are now not going to get what they paid for should get a partial refund in addition to the extra time added on. I certainly wil not renew my annual pass at this time until all of the restrictions are removed or the price of the pass has been adjusted.

  6. Michelle

    Waiting patiently for info on getting reservations with my ap band. Need my Disney fix with any restrictions!! Np with rules just hope all people follow them so Disney does not shut down again 🐚

  7. Michelle

    Miss my happy place! Hoping all people follow rules and are nicer than in the past! Check every day for ticket reservation info! Disney is my prozac!

  8. Barbara Richards

    Yeah, take that “MANDATORY” mask thing with a grain of salt. It’s not being policed. In the State of FL, it’s “encouraged” for guests/customers but it cannot be forced or enforced. For their employees, yes, but for guests, no. Why do I say that? Because it’s already happening within Disney Springs and anywhere you go within the State.

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