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  1. Todd

    Yeah, this felt pretty bad. I had no idea exactly when this invite email was coming, and when it showed up in my inbox today, and I clicked on the “Register Now” link only an hour after it arrived, I was immediately connected to an “Event is full” webpage.

    I know Disney meant this preview as a way to make Annual Passholders feel good, and I’m sure those who managed to get the timing exactly right will enjoy it…

    …but it probably made an equal number of shutouts, like me, feel pretty bad.

    1. 2Boys1momma

      Yep I feel the same way. There was no warning to be ready to sign up. We have been annual passholders for a few years and spend a lot of money (1 adult and 2 child passes) and I couldn’t get a date for the preview and a lot of dates are full or almost full for July and August. It’s disappointing to say the least.

  2. Billbodoggins

    This was a big disappointment. The invite popped up with the MDE app. I opened the notification, which in turn opened the app. But there was nothing there that linked to an AP registration for the preview days. I was so excited. I have a Weekday Select pass. I missed my last two planned trips in March and May and the blackouts last until August 7th. I was really excited about going for the preview. I probably won’t be able to go back until October due to my work schedule. I don’t know why there was nothing that led me to a registration page. I started looking frantically to know avail. On the app and on the website. I even call the Passholder help phone line. I didn’t receive an email.

  3. Lydia

    Some of us never recieved emails for any of these ticket code things… so thats unfair but maybe a sign to not risk it! Still not fair been ap since the beginning and my emails are far in between.

    1. Chris

      They should have announced that it would go live in advance. We shouldn’t have had to find out from websites like this after it was already full! Lydia isn’t the only passholder that didn’t get an email or notification.

  4. lesa

    Never did get an e mail
    Really not fair to all the passholders

  5. Michelle

    I’m curious. I didn’t get an email either. However, I had already decided I wasn’t going to go then, so I wasn’t disappointed. I’m in Texas and both FL and TX numbers are not good. I wonder if I didn’t get the email due to my location. Any other AP living out of state not get the email?

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