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Cinderella Castle and Tree of Life


  1. so if you purchased a park hopper upgrade for an extra charge but are not being able to hop what is disney doing to correct the cost difference?

  2. Christina

    Disney is going to make it to where it’s really going to be not enjoyable to go so people aren’t going to want to spend the money That they did in the past because they’re going to make it too complicated for everybody to enjoy it so it’s unfortunate to hear this news I was planning on eventually going back to Disney but I don’t even know if I want to go there making it too complicated. Plus it cost way too much money to go.

  3. Bob

    We cancelled our Dec trip, the sharona ruined everything, no halloween party, no christmas party, no park hopping, blah, blah, blah, takes the total fun out of it, WDW, see ya in a couple years when the fun returns

  4. Nan

    I can’t believe they are taking the hopper pass away. We have already canceled our August trip and now considering canceling our December trip. They have taken everything away except the price. We also have said if Disney doesn’t go back to normal we won’t go back. This is getting Ridiculous if they are so afraid they shouldn’t of open. They should of opened up and left everything the way it was and if you felt unsafe stay home or in need of a mask then wear one but do not take away from everyone else that was ready to come back. I’m not a universal fan but We will be spending our money where things are opening and getting back to the way thing should be. Halloween was our favorite trip and we have been coming to it for years this year it will be at universal. My family of 10 is so disappointed.

  5. Erjen

    As an AP, I would have expected them to follow Shanghai and extend passes as long as the reservations and restrictions applied, but apparently we are expected to accept the extension for the time the parks were closed, with no refund for reduced services and no guarantee of park entry.

  6. Yeah we cancelled our October trip as well. We have to use our points though by July 2021 so we are going to try and go June 2021, but my expectations are not high at this point. This whole thing is a major disappointment. Thanks China.

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