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Disney World Health Acknowledgment

Credit: Disney


  1. PVCole

    Requiring guests to wear masks to prevent the possible exposure of a virus is like requiring guests to wear raincoats at all times to protect them from getting wet in case it rains. It is quite possible that getting wet could lead to sickness, maybe even pneumonia! So a raincoat is just as necessary in Florida as a mask, isn’t it?

  2. Kevin H Jones

    DVC members should be able to bank their points as long as Disney requires masks. As of now, there are no positive indications of this happening. Personally, I am against wearing a muzzle just because someone else is scared. All this quarantine stuff was not to eradicate the virus, but to flatten the curve, to pull the proverbial band-aid off slowly. Some of us would just like to rip that sucker off, and get on with our lives. Either way, you’re gonna lose some hair. People who have had it and didn’t die, are not getting it again. That is the herd immunity. I have already had it, it wasn’t bad, and I actually had a harder time breathing with a mask on while well than I did without one on while sick and quarantined. It is not based on any image of self, conceit, or whatever. I literally feel like I am suffocating in the mask, so I won’t wear it. You can take your tactics of shaming us non-mask wearers and shove them. The laws and requirements regarding wearing masks are draconian, and those citizens who have taken to policing the rest of us are cut from the same cloth as those who turned over their neighbors to the Gestapo.

    1. Anne

      I totally agree with everything you said, especially your last sentence. The most frightening thing to emerge from this pandemic is the behavior of the media puppets and the mask police. Nazi Germany.

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