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  1. Rosie

    Heard the only folks able to remove them or recommended not mandatory is people w a valid medical issue! That is what disability services told me. Just fyi!

    1. Ahnsael

      They handle that on a case-by-case basis, but this is true. It’s not enough to say, “Sir, this is my emotional support lack of a face mask!”

      1. Rosie

        Yes they said a dr note should be proved on file which i have on file for my guest assist i do not know if i can use! Bc too many people took advantage of that!

    2. Bailee Abell

      Hi Rosie! Disney reached out to Inside the Magic and has informed us that there are actually no exceptions to the face covering requirement; everyone must wear them except while eating or drinking.

  2. Julie

    Do you have to wear a face mask while laying in the sun at the hotel pool?

    1. Lydia

      Yes! You do not need to in water by on deck yes! Same w water parks its required walking around not in water.

  3. Kevin H Jones

    Y’all enjoy your funny tan lines…lol. I’m waiting until I don’t have to slap a muzzle on. 20 years from now, when looking at your photo pass photos, you won’t be able to see if you were smiling or not.

  4. Laurie

    Can’t believe they are sticking to this policy. By the time they open the parks most of the country will be opened! Many states fully opened (no mask already needed here in my state). We are in phase 2. Florida itself went to phase 2 on Friday, June 5th. I read everything pertaining to phase 2 in Florida and Quote “mask recommended not required” Is all throughout. Disney is still a month away from opening …phase 3 is full back to normal . It could and probably will be in place by then. So much of this mask policy will be null by then.

    1. Kim Lumpkin

      With the number of cases in Florida on the rise again, there is a very good chance that the phases will have to be rolled back, so Disney is smart to take it slow.

    2. Scott

      Remember, everything is also at the discretion of the business.

      1. There is always a solution for those that does not want to ware a mask. STAY HOME! No one is making you go, or pay for a vacation that under your standard you will not enjoy. So STAY HOME! That will make it easy for the CM and those who want to enjoy less stressful Magical Place

        1. Kelly Connerton

          Why dont you stay home. You are the one who seems to think everyone is responsible for your safety. You stay home. Dont drive , you coul
          ‘;d get into an accident and die or worse, kill someone else. Doesnt feel so good when someone is telling you do stay home does it…

          1. Anne

            Kelly, you’re awesome! You said what so many of us think. Sheep.

        2. Mary Loss

          I totally agree! I don’t HAVE to wear a mask to my grocery store, but I do because I care about the people who work there. If you don’t care about the case members trying their best to make your vacation magical, please STAY HOME!

    3. Marilyn

      “Mask recommended not required” is causing COVID-19 cases to rise daily in Utah, where I live. There were 547 lab-confirmed cases on June 5 alone. People are still clustering together and having their little 15-person mommy walk clubs without masks. People are going to tiny bakeries 6-people strong just to stand in the the bakery without masks while they decide what they want.

      People think just because states are re-opening with terribly lax restrictions means COVID-19 is under control—it isn’t. There’s no vaccine, no one treatment that works for every individual. Many survivors are dealing with live-long heart, lung, etc. complications. The virus is still spreading, so masks and social distancing are essential.

      Good on Disney for doing everything they can to keep people safe and from bringing the virus home to their loved ones.

  5. Laure

    Business discretion for sure! Emphasizing business and Disney needs to make money!

    Florida Governor on news this morning quote “with our continuing progression against covid 19 phase 2 implementation is now on track and evaluation for phase 3 will be in a few weeks”

  6. KenR

    Those stupid masks are a deal killer for me. It is a personal choice for both the consumer and Disney to decide what they will tolerate. I will be following the advice above and cancelling our reservation if this nonsense is still going on. The already cancelled our ADRs and our reservations to build light sabers and now we are not even sure if we will get to go into the the parks given the new reservation system they implements. It’s WDW, not a nursing home or surgery center.

  7. Its a shame we all can’t make a pledge like a union member and stick together and not go to Disney till masks are off the table, then what would the Disney exec’s do if no one came, think about for a little before you jump on my suggestion, if we all stuck together and boycott and i mean everyone, hey it might work, maybe?

    1. Anne

      I’m not going until it’s lifted. Not going to fight with me kids in the heat to wear some mask.

    2. EricJ

      Problem is, no one at union meetings has been able to come up with a plausible agreed-upon reason except self-indulgent gimme-parent “I don’t LIKE masks, they’re hot and icky, and it’s stupid to make me wear them because we should be opening up by now!”
      Call the rest of us when you figure out a good one. And make it convincing this time.

    3. Davis

      The union did fight it esp here in fl which got disney to start looking at options like medical conditions etc will have different restrictions or things are all temp and change daily! As did we as security ride out! Disney isnt sure until the park opens whats going to wrk! But w only Springs open and not other places as reference it was going to be a hard thing to strike for!

  8. Anne

    I have a medical condition that I can’t breathe in a mask. If I don’t wear one, what kind of repercussions am I going to get from staff and other visitors? Makes for a not so pleasant day.

    1. Rosie

      They are trying to figure this out they might require us to bring a dr note. Thats what i was told!

  9. Linda M Gonzalez

    I was at Disney Springs last Wed. About half the people there had masks on but their noses and some times also their mouths were exposed.As. soon as they are out of sight of the Disney temperature check and mask check down comes the masks. I asked the Disney cops why they allowed it and they said the tourists either ignore them or put the mask back on and then when theyre out of sight off it comes. The Disney police are not Gods they can’t control half of the crowd disobeying the rules. I will not renew my yearly Disney park tickets until there’s a vaccination.

  10. Joseph Lamb

    When is next phase going to kick in, not going til mid oct and will not wear a mask my whole trip, ain’t worth it?!

  11. Kat

    What about gaiters/buffs? I keep getting varying answers. They don’t secure with ear loops or ties, but have widely been accepted as a face covering in other places.

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