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  1. Len W

    Your out of your Disney mind if you think a 2 year old will keep a mask on. I love to know what brainiac figured this one would work. I guess you have lost your pee brian.

    1. Sue

      Yup they are

  2. Jeremy Taylor

    I have rescheduled my trip for late October. Have two children, age 4 and 2. I will be canceling our trip if they plan to keep enforcing masks for guests. Why would any reasonable person pay their prices (without a discount for Covid restrictions they are placing) to wear a mask and feel policed the whole time? It’s not “Disney magic” and I will not pay for it. Guests should have option of wearing masks if they pass screening guidelines.

    1. Sandy Gustafson

      I am personally grateful for institutions that take health guidelines seriously. I have family at Disneyworld right now …with three grade school children who have done considerably better than most adults in taking the virus and the restrictions seriously. Their parents don’t “cry” about not being able to do the “traditional Disney experience”. Rather they will incorporate the guidelines into the experience …. Imagination, not canned expectation, is the key to the Magic Kingdom and the other parks. The virus, thanks to a great deal of ignorance, is not going away any time soon. So I am grateful to the people and organizations who are actively and intelligently developing safe ways to normalize life as much as possible.

      1. Sue

        Only people like you would spend money and get less but you are the kind of people Disney likes. Bc you will
        Still go pay the same price and get less. If you want to walk around in 90 degree weather with a face mask on. Then you belong at Disney.

  3. Mike E Gunthner

    No neck garters, period! so I’m going to use a disney face mask with elastic band , having a hard time to get my ear in the hoop due to Right hand disability..

    1. Sue

      I wonder how much money Disney is making on there face mask that they sell

  4. Jeremy

    Cancelled trip in 2020, won’t be going back until facemask isn’t required.

  5. Steph

    Do not do it! We went during Thanksgiving and trust me there is little Disney magic with masks! It was a HUGE WASTE OF MONEY!!!! There are some ways to get around it, but overall, it was not a good experience.

  6. Nancy

    For heavens sake! The mask is a small inconvenience. The social distancing, extra sanitizing and mask wearing make it as safe as any vacation you can take right now. The mask only impedes 2 things, eating and drinking while walking and unfortunately memory maker pictures. Who NEEDS to eat while walking? As far as children, the children seem to be taking the mask wearing way better than adults. No different than wearing clothes, shoes or a diaper or sitting in a car seat! Ya’ll stay home. I’m enjoying the social distancing, the extra cleaning AND the smaller crowds

    1. Derzha

      I am sorry, but it is NOT a SMALL INCONVENIENCE. And sorry, it is NOT the same at all as wearing shoes or diaper. The children are taking it “better than adults” mostly because the adults who are raising them are way too compliant and don’t think for themselves. There is no way we can make our 2-year-old wear a mask, unless we ducktape it to her face. I don’t understand, is that what Disney authorities want? We will be using our vacation money elsewhere until these ridiculous rules are gone. I hope that many people will vote with their money in the same way as well.

  7. Bee

    Personally, I’m glad Disney is updating their rules to continue to keep people safe. Folks should have a little bit of gratefulness that Walt Disney World is even open! Disneyland isn’t, and probably won’t be for a while! The cast members of the resort in Florida are putting themselves (and anyone they live with) at risk every day by working with guests who need a little Disney magic in their lives… Complying to the simple rules and finding creative ways to continue to make it fun for you and your family isn’t asking too much, people.
    If you feel like it is asking too much, try working a customer service job during this pandemic, then you’ll understand how it feels to be on their side…Then cancel your trip and stay home. Disney doesn’t need your money if you don’t like rules: they’ve always had lots (of rules and money 😂😂😂)

  8. Barbara

    I totally agree with the mask policy and reinforcing the the noses need to be completely covered. My Disneyland is not open and I’m so jealous that Florida’s park is open. It’s ok not to go, hopefully this will be over soon and for customers who hate the masks they can save money toward their next trip and have more fun. I’m saving money because it is going to be very expensive when Disney reopens. And the kid issue, I’m a teacher and I have a lot of fun getting kids excited about masks and of course I have over 40.

    1. Jody

      How old are the kids you teach. Would love some tips on how to keep my extremely stubborn almost 3 y/o son to wear a mask. We have been trying everything and plan on going to Magic Kingdom at the end of March. He LOVES Mickey right now and don’t want to wait another year in case he is over Mickey by then.

      1. Val

        Please tell me your experience now the airlines offers no exceptions on kids 2-3 years old and I had already canceled this trip last year it’s March 2021 I hope by the time my trip happens on June there’s accommodations to parents and toddlers

  9. Tina

    I’m concerned for us on the rides when masks are blown off in the wind and/or someone playing with it (like a child) and it drops down on tracks and/or pieces of the mechanics of a ride and causes someone to get hurt and no one can stop these from blowing off someone’s face and landing on the face of another rider.What about a child getting bored in line and tying the ear pieces together maybe even around their neck or a small child sucking it back into their mouths on a ride where it is dark and the parent can’t see.There are to many things that can go wrong and including heat exhaustion with these walking around outdoors ,also bumping into people and causing people especially children to fall I have a terrible time seeing around the masks especially my side vision.

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