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  1. Len W

    Your out of your Disney mind if you think a 2 year old will keep a mask on. I love to know what brainiac figured this one would work. I guess you have lost your pee brian.

  2. Jeremy Taylor

    I have rescheduled my trip for late October. Have two children, age 4 and 2. I will be canceling our trip if they plan to keep enforcing masks for guests. Why would any reasonable person pay their prices (without a discount for Covid restrictions they are placing) to wear a mask and feel policed the whole time? It’s not “Disney magic” and I will not pay for it. Guests should have option of wearing masks if they pass screening guidelines.

    1. Sandy Gustafson

      I am personally grateful for institutions that take health guidelines seriously. I have family at Disneyworld right now …with three grade school children who have done considerably better than most adults in taking the virus and the restrictions seriously. Their parents don’t “cry” about not being able to do the “traditional Disney experience”. Rather they will incorporate the guidelines into the experience …. Imagination, not canned expectation, is the key to the Magic Kingdom and the other parks. The virus, thanks to a great deal of ignorance, is not going away any time soon. So I am grateful to the people and organizations who are actively and intelligently developing safe ways to normalize life as much as possible.

  3. Mike E Gunthner

    No neck garters, period! so I’m going to use a disney face mask with elastic band , having a hard time to get my ear in the hoop due to Right hand disability..

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