Comments for Disney World AP Calendar Shows NEW Reservation Requirements


  1. Disneylover

    I wonder if these are the same block out days for these AP’s or did they add new block out days to the passes?

  2. april

    Would really love some info on previews for DVC and/or AP.

  3. Janice

    These dates were never blocked out for AP holders anyway.

  4. Kristina

    My pass expired in May I’m choosing to refund instead of extended days. I have no problem renewing once everything is figured out. If you haven’t done so walk around outside with a mask on for 10 minutes. It’s very different from grocery shopping. I wear one in public and choose to becuse it’s the right thing to do. Being outside with one is very different.

    1. Bawes

      Walked around Universal twice with a mask on with no problems.

  5. Disneylover

    Have they determined how many days in a row you can reserve a park? Could I reserve 3 consecutive days or can I only reserve 1 day at a time?

  6. Where's the Magic

    What happens when AP holders keep reserving dates and then don’t show up? This will deny others who would have actually gone to the parks.

    1. Annie

      These are some great questions being asked!

  7. I have an anniversary trip reserved for September. I’m an annual pass holder and DVC. Very troubled with the statement that an AP would not guarantee an entry into a park. Would like to know what exactly is going on.

  8. Chad

    Upcoming….. Aug 2nd

  9. Marc

    Booked a package for July. Sucks even hotel guests aren’t guaranteed. But they said we can get a full refund if we don’t get a reservation.

  10. AMJ

    Our PAP still show “Good to go”. But then again I haven’t recieved any communication from WDDabout anything since this all started. I get emails from Disney about everthing except my pass. A CM saidcit must be my email account, buy couldn’t explain why only AP stuff isn’t getting to me. The whole thing is a mess, and I kinda feel sorry for the CMs that take the heat for the lack of info Disney executives are not providing.

    1. Yoda

      I am with you, I never receive my AP emails for things like previews or if I do it is usually after registration started so everything is full when I try to sign up.
      I know this is a minor thing, but does anyone know if there is anyway to get the Flower & Garden AP magnets since they were closed for the second magnet?

  11. Jessica Rivas

    The second I seen the park was opening I booked a 3 night stay near Disneyland in hopes I can get reservation with at least 2 days for the parks.Have been checking every day for updates to try get my spot. I have AP pass and want to use it. Thanks for the update!

  12. Jeffrey

    I am a signature plus annual pass holder for Disneyland. I understand that entry is never guaranteed but I hope with the reservation system you will be guaranteed entry. I have never been turned away. But with normal operations your chances of getting in are pretty good. With limited occupancy and a good chance of not getting in, I won’t be going. It’s a long way down there and expensive to stay especially if you aren’t going get in.

  13. Jeffrey

    Block out days should never change for passes. Reservations required, maybe. But to otherwise tell pass holders when they can’t come to parks is not right. We paid for that priviledge, barring special party/functions or at capacity.

  14. Michele J

    I am a AP and we have reservations in august, sept, and 3 weeks at christmas.

  15. Pricella Leavers

    We live in California by Oregon border and are Signature plus AP holders at Disneyland. We had scheduled our first family WDW vacation for August 24, 2020 ? before COVID 19 happened. Everything is already paid for so looks like we are going for sure.
    Wish us luck and good health please!!!

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