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Disney Park Pass Availability


  1. Daisy

    Hi TJ,

    My family has had a WDW resort hotel reservation since January 2020 for September 1st, 2020.

    We were supposed to buy tickets in March but the parks closed and there were no more ticket sales.

    Where do we stand as far as the date we can purchase tickets and make park reservations? I do no see that piece of info anywhere.

    Hopefully we will not be lumped into the group that will be making a NEW resort reservation and buying tickets, since we planned this trip and made the hotel reservation before them.

    Thanks for your help in this very confusing time.


    1. Ed lee

      Hi Daisy
      We got cancelled for a May vacation.
      We re booked in May for Sept 6- 15 at old key west.
      We were allowed to book our park reservations today and I thought it said that with prior dvc resort reservations you could book until 6/28.
      Hope that helps

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