Comments for Disney Cruise Line Taking an Unfair Hit? Port Canaveral CEO Says Yes

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Credit: Disney/Canaveral Port Authority


  1. Steve

    100 % true! Cruise ships didn’t spread Covid 19 throughout the world to every continent & civilized land mass, except Anarctica; people traveling by airplanes & all forms of land transportation did so, creating this worldwide Pandemic!! However, no other mobile people-moving transportation platform has been shutdown in its entirety by a governmental entity, like the CDC, etc.!!!

    1. Odette

      Um, not true. Some of the cruise ships were definitely responsible for spreading covid-19. You can literally google this if you like.

      However, I do believe they are getting hit the hardest seeing as airlines are packing passengers in planes. Some restaurants are not even enforcing the 6 feet rule. Etc.

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