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  1. Charlene

    My heart is breaking. I understand why Disney needs to put all of these protocals in place. I even understand why they needed to get rid of the character meet and greets and stop the parades and Fireworks shows. I understand why wearing masks everywhere in the park is required and why there was a huge need to eliminate fast passes and create more opportunities for social distancing but to me the Coronavirus killed the magic of everything.
    I do not know if we will ever be able to live life without all of these precautions in place but I really hope that we can go back to normal someday because right now, I really just have no desire to leave my house or go anywhere. I am a Disney fanatic and never miss an opportunity to go to Disneyworld however the magic seems lost to me. I wany to go back to Disneyworld. I had plans to move to Florida and get an annual pass but now it just seems pointless. Life and everything in it needs to go back to the way it was at least a year ago.

  2. Malán Parks

    Disney is taking all precautions they believe will keep the virus from spreading. I get it. The truth is that people will continue to get the virus.
    People have to do their part to stay healthy. Having hand washing stations and sanitizer mounted before and after rides might be a better idea. People will be wearing masks already.
    Most people will not want to spend the money when they are not getting the full Disney experience💫
    Owning three restaurants, I understand the struggle.
    Hopefully areas will reopen slowly and put the magic back in Disney✨

  3. Kristen

    So VERY disappointed that many of the Galaxy’s Edge shops will be closed. We have not yet seen the new area, and wanted to enjoy those unique items. The loss of Savi’s workshop is a real blow to my Star Wars fanatic teen. C’est la vie.

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