Comments for NBA and Union to Paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Courts

Mickey with Magic Basketball player


  1. Lorenzo

    “bring awareness to racial equality, social justice and police brutality”

    Has any organization given any pointers yet on how we(citizens) can achieve this quote?

    Or is easy just to say and continue to be vague about how we can do so and just pound and pound it?

    Brings back memories of a certain someone saying: “the war on terror”

    Never figured that one out too…

    1. TacoCat

      I’m starting to think white lives don’t matter.

      1. Rj

        You would be arrested and labeled a racist if you painted “white lives matter” on anything.

  2. Greg

    A better phrase would be ALL Black Lives Matter. Unless Disney supports the BLM group, which has as some of their goals to disband the traditional nuclear family, and bring about socialism. And BLM clearly only cares about those that are killed by police or people of a different skin color, as no fuss is raised about children and adult minorities that are murdered by the thousands in this country each year.

    1. Sue

      This stuff is getting way out of hand already they did this in orlando on the street which tax payers paid to have clean fixed so why can’t anyone else do this. What about blue live or everyone’s live matters. If Disney let’s them do this I’m done with Disney.

      1. Aaron

        Then you’re probably done with Disney. Disney has put out several statements supporting Black Lives Matter. They’ve chosen which side of the issue they stand with.

  3. Burdette L Johnson

    If the mouse can’t ” ALL LIVES MATTER ” then only people that will feel safe in the parks will be black people.

  4. Ken

    I bet not. EBT cards and food stamps can’t currently purchase Disney tickets. They’re definitely taking the wrong side of this. I’ve had it with PC Disney and their agenda. We cancelled our Disney cruise and will not rebook.

  5. prince charming

    Disney in the past has sought to keep the parks free of politics. If they are going to allow some groups to use the parks to promote their political agenda, they relinquish their right to keep others from wearing items which espouse their politics. I assume this is the result of Bob Iger’s intention to enter politics when he leaves Disney.

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