Comments for When will Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Reopen at Disney World?

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  1. elaine

    This is a must experience for any young girl. We look forward to the eventual reopening and hopefully the same availability at Disneyland in California

  2. Robert Fowler

    It will keep my family from going. We want a fill Disney experience and will not return until it is back.

  3. Tina Garvin

    We will be there in the spring do you think yall will be open by then

  4. lesley waters

    i would like to know it if will be open in may or june it will first time coming to disney with two girls i hope it will be open or trying to open

  5. athena graeme

    This is KILLING me!!! We adopted 4 years ago, she is 7 now, the perfect age. Between covid, going through the adoption and us serving overseas, we weren’t able to go until now. We finally got home leave, it may be a few years before we get it again. But we just an’t take her to Disney unless she will get the real experience, the boutique make-over, princess dining experience … it’s just not worth it for just rides. We could get that anywhere. But I really hate the idea we may have to wait a few years and miss that peak window of oppertunity. It’s just killing me.

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