Comments for Annual Passholders: Only 3 Park Reservations at Once

Disney World Annual pass


  1. Jo

    While I understand the need for these limitations and adjustments, Annual Passholders are getting the most restrictions.

    I intentionally purchased the platinum pass for my son and myself. Our schedule needed the flexibility of no blackout dates and we live close enough that we could just drive over for a few hours on a whim. All of that is now a moot point.

    Disney needs to offer Annual Passholders an option to cancel their pass or suspend the passes until restrictions are lifted.

  2. so if after i book my timeshare for the week, plus air and rental car and it not being a Disney resort i can only visit 3/4 parks on my week vacation since i’m not at a disney resort and i will not be able to park hop, even though i paid for an annual pass which included park hopping?

  3. Thomas

    I kind of feel shafted. I thought I wanted to come on the 11th I got up at 4:00 am CA time on the 26th and slots were sold out for APs. But not for resort guest. And Now I see not for ticket holders too. And you can’t even book a resort stay either! I have the premier pass. (cost about 2K) And it is sort of a big bummer you can only book three parks and no park hopper. Not sure I am going to renew pass at this point. Also I have not gotten email about pass holder preview on the 9th and 10th. I emailed Disney about this two days ago and have heard NOTHING..

  4. Barb

    No I do not think it is fair. When we purchased our annual passes we thought we could visit anytime there were no blackout dates. I just tried to schedule one day when our son and granddaughter are coming this month but couldn’t do it because we had already scheduled 3 days in a row the prior week with friends who already purchased the tickets. I already purchased the tickets for our son and granddaughter as well.

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