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WDW Annual Pass Blockouts


  1. Lydia

    Has anyone recieved a sign up email yet? Or is this all still hypothetical? I am not really in the mood to call ap over silliness again.

  2. Stan P

    Guess I’ll be going to Universal where they’re waiving the blackout dates.

    1. Cindy Caine

      Issue w that is we are just letting anyone in and why do you think fl #s are going up by 2700 dally now. Bc we had to be in a rush to reopen things i know the economy etc but at what cost? Common sense this is not and neither is what uni did! Half the people i work w half already called in sick btw which means either masks dont work or people are coming down on vacation w a vacation mentality i dont have to follow rules etc. Well there security enjoy that then! Wdw is keeping people safe. I am actually thinking of going to wrk there then uni.

  3. Faith Vincent-Jones

    I was really hoping Disney would give us at least one day of grace for block out AP during first week or so of reopening, or a day for passholders only.

  4. AMJ

    We’re PAP at WDW. As of this morning, Thursday June 18, no change in our calendar, it still says “Good to go!”. No new update, and no extention to our APs. Neither my husband or I have recieved any communication concerning what we would like to do about our Aps, refund, extention or? I’ve become a bit observed with checking the My Disney Exp app and Passholder site and our emails…
    My husband is heading down tomorrow and I think I’ll send a list of questions for him to ask at Guest Services at Disney Springs. This is getting a bit frustrating wiyh lack of info or communication.

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