Comments for Actors’ Equity Union Urges Disney World To Postpone Opening

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Credit: Disney


  1. Tracy Nuckoles

    I hope things get better for Disney but protesters and unions can’t tell Disney what to do they aren’t in charge but yes safety is a big factor for everyone 🙂❤️

  2. Perhaps, attendees may be required to sign a waiver that releases Disney from any liability should they become infected with covid-19

    1. Ashley G

      Attendees, or guests, agree to not hold Disney responsible when they reserve their theme park reservations. The waiver is built into, or is a part of the theme park reservation.

  3. Constance W

    I don’t know who was put in charge of the testing, but they better get it ALL together. Take care of the people who will be taking care of us. You have had 4 months to plan, but apparently someone needs a refresher course…or a different job. We thought we had finally won the Disney lottery by have annual passes and a resort reservation beginning July 11th, but this also represents our third try at this since March. We are DVC members and have always supported you, but if you delay, I just don’t know if we will have it in us to keep trying.

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