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  1. Thomas

    I wrote to Disney to request movies such as ‘Enchanted’ to be added, the reason it was made was as a celebration of Disney movies of the past and of what may come in the future, and 3 oscar nominated songs. I’m sure it’ll be on sooner rather than later, just surprised that it isn’t yet.

  2. Adturner

    That’s a long list so forgive me if I missed it, but what about the tower of terror?

  3. astubb

    My daughter loves enchanted, Eloise at the plaza, and Eloise at Christmas time. I saw them on the list but I do wish they were on Disney+. The whole list would be AMAZING, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

  4. Jolynn

    Any and all of the Disney Concert series!!!!

  5. Also add…disney christopher robin series

  6. Also add music

    Example: years ago they made records for/from each movie. Then they made collections CD’s. These should also have a spot in the streaming platform. I am always searching for music when working around my house.

  7. Tim

    What about the Disney Sing-Alongs from the 90’s?!

    1. Thomas

      I loved the Sing-Along VHS collection, my parents used to despair when I spotted a new one in the shop, there was one with apparently only 4 songs on it so they flat out refused to buy it for me and thus created a screaming tantrum throwing brat for a day or two.

      1. Malea

        I agree with the concert series butI REALLY want Good Morning, Mickey and Dond Duck Presents. There are not enough classic shorts and these would pull together several.


    Just You and Me, Kid from the early 1980s

  9. Mark Ciraulo

    What about Shelley Duvall’s mother goose rock’n roll i love that movie when I was a kid and why haven’t they put I’m in band on Disney+ too

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