Comments for Will EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival Be Held This Year?

EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

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    From what i heard no bc its a social distancing nightmare as well as epcot is full of construction wall limits! But wouldn’t surprise me security ride out suggested something or said not possible and its ignore!

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    Kelly L Connerton

    Seems to me, the mask is the only real pop problem. I guess I dont understand how it’s ok to not have to wear a mask in one area but not other areas. Additionally. disney has stopped the parades, fireworks, meet and greets, etc, did they lower the ticket price?. I have an unrestricted annual pass. Do I and all the others get a partial refund?

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    I don’t see how it could be under current circumstances. Really, how enjoyable could it be if you have to wear a mask?

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      Dont forget social distancing and how crowded it gets

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    Ruth Matthews

    Absolutely not! Disney will never make an announcement to hold the festival 60 days prior. Even if they made it to day 90 days would not be enough.
    Also, Disney is doing everything they can toLimit the amount of people staying in the resort, those attending the park’s, etc. There is no way they are going to hold a festival that increases attendance. The alcohol and other factors are just icing on the cake. I will be there in September and certainly miss the concerts. Hopefully, I will see new bands next year.

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