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world of disney virtual queue


  1. Harley

    I am leaving this page too they delete comments the other commentors are nasty sobs and its all clickybait till disney says it! Besides no one cares for us whom have inside info and so whats the use!

  2. Ken

    I remember when people read the article before posting

    QUOTE: “But this virtual queue system is not like the one integrated into the Walt Disney World Resort app, My Disney Experience. Instead, it is a typical, more widespread method of allowing guests to hold their place in line.

    All you have to do is head to the front of the store (World of Disney or the Marketplace Co-Op), speak with a Cast Member holding an iPad, and give them the information for your party (such as the number of guests and the initials of the main person of contact) and your phone number. You will then receive a text message that immediately notifies you that you have been registered for a place in line. You will receive another text message when a Cast Member is ready to assist you, i.e. when it is your turn to enter either Disney Springs store.”

    So, ITM was correct. You were wrong. You assumed from the title or did not read it.

  3. Jamie

    The good news is this is like guest assist if this is virtual queue they think of using at the park then at least all of us whom are das will not have to worry about waiting twice like original virtual!! I will go knowing this for sure now! I was worried virtual was going to be app no one uses and would screw us das over like rise… the only issue is now APs not being let in but i guess we could still go to springs ? i irony is the people complaining above are always complaining how das does not work!

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