Comments for Confirmed: Reservations Are NOT Required To Visit Universal Orlando On Opening Day

universal orlando

Credit: Visit Orlando


  1. Karen Ruchak

    Yes we will, we have received an email stating that we have been invited to attend the soft opening before the June 5 for the general public.

  2. Elisa

    Our family had plans to go for spring break. Obviously had to postpone. Now planning to go Xmas break. Coming from California. Worried about not getting in if it gets too crowded. Don’t want to spend all that money to NOT be able to go. Only visiting to solely go to Universal. Hoping everything will work out by December. BTW, looking forward to maybe purchasing Harry Potter masks?!?

  3. Jax

    We are booked to come from the UK in November. Really hoping it will go ahead but nervous about the situation at the same time

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