Comments for Just In — Universal Orlando Has OFFICIALLY Announced Reopening Date

Universal CityWalk Reopening


  1. Lesle Long

    We had to cancel our enjoy class trip in May.
    However we will not be going anywhere that requires a face covering. Especially in the summer! Research has shown that this does not help. In fact it increases risk of infection as people touch their faces more due to the irritation of wearing the mask.

    Lesle Long MD

  2. Lesle Long

    Unfortunately I will not be going they were that requires a facial covering. Especially in the heat of the summer. If you look at the research facial coverings increase your risk of infection due to touching your face more by virtue of its being quite annoying. With all this craziness settles down, we will be happy to visit universal again. We do have a eighth grade class that was planning to have their senior class trip in May of this year but had to cancel. So that was 70+ people that were not able to come. It looks like they will not be able to make it up this summer because the parents aren’t willing to put up with these guidelines.

  3. Yes I will be there in August

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