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  1. Whatever they can do to make Universal safe for guests and staff, I’m all for. These measures will encourage smart visitors and help our economy.

    1. Patricia

      Per the CDC there have been 27,266 deaths in the US and 100000 World Wide. The Death count of the regular Flu in the US from Oct 2019 to April 2020 was 62000. No comparison. We had upwards of 56,000,000 cases of regular Flu and you are worried about this Flu. Why should I sorry about this Virus?

  2. Rick

    No more BIG brother,dont spy on ea other enough is enough

    1. AG

      Yes, nearly 100,000 dead Americans is more than enough. I’m in full support of anything that helps make sure theme parks remain a source of fun and happiness, not a source of sickness and death.

      1. Igor

        If you can’t be smart on your own about staying healthy, some government agency won’t save you. Gestapo tactics.

        1. Catherine Jennings

          I agree, big brother needs to calm down!

      2. Dee

        With a 99.8% recovery rate? Stop your panic. What will happen is that they’ll shun park goers away. Period. End of Amusement Parks. They can stop all future builds with this ridiculousness.

        1. None ya bussiness

          I agree.. and then the quote from the mayor saying bad things will happen if we don’t abide..? More fear mongering! I don’t need policing and a paid stalker at a park watching ? my every move telling me what to do. Just ridiculousness! Isn’t wearing a dam mask enough? Most people recover from this flu like most flus! And unfortunately the ones that die are the elderly with compromised immune systems! I plan on finding a way to not wear the mask. Maybe I will need to sip my water all day long to avoid wearing this dumb mask in the park so there!!! Lol!

      3. James R Lorigan

        Scariest sentence in the English language” I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

      4. Sue burroughes

        Is the park only open to Americans, those that live in Florida?

    2. Scott

      Sounds a lot like history to me… but no one can ever believe whats happening right before their eyes could possibly be history repeating itself. This is how empires fall. I’ve always wondered how Rome could possibly have fallen. Now I know. From within, with the support of its own people.

    3. Freedumb

      You’re right! Let’s take Health Inspectors out of restaurants too! Get rid of OSHA, the EPA, and while we’re at it, since you have so much faith in the intelligence and common sense of mankind, let’s get rid of police and fire departments too since everyone can always be trusted to be responsible and lawful. You “Big Brother” people kill me…???. I bet you have social media though….lol.

  3. Durdurdur

    Cool, police state tactics. Keep giving up your freedoms in return for safety, stupid fools. None of you gave a crap during the flu season in 2018 that killed thousands and thousands of children alone. Keep listening to everything the media tells you like the little sheeple you are. People like to watch V for Vendetta and be horrified that people would listen to everything the government tells them as they control them more and more, and you’re letting it happen.

    1. AG

      The CDC estimates 34,200 Americans died from the flu in 2018. Covid has already killed three times that many with no signs of slowing down, with any effective vaccine or treatment still at least a year down the line. I don’t see your point.

      1. Rhi

        I understand why they’re not allowing single rider lines anymore but that was my saving Grace ?

    2. Abean

      Wow, what authority does the health department have?? Are they gunna haul you off to some detainment camp for removing your mask for a snack. This is absolutely ridiculous. This doesn’t make me feel safe it makes me feel like a child who can’t make her own decisions.

  4. Mary Rosa

    How can I be a secret shopper for universal.

    1. Fran

      How can I be a secrecy shopper

  5. Fran

    This is a great idea!! This will help those of us who would
    Like to re-visit feel more at ease. The extra steps being taken are necessary and I’m all for it.

  6. James

    I am a secret shopper and you can be one too! It is not easy to get the job though.. mainly because many of us think it is an easy gig and are asking to do it. If you want to become one just let me know ….

    1. Shannon

      I work in the healthcare field as a front line responder and I think having secret shoppers so to speak is an excellent idea and a way to come up with new ones as problems arise. Everyone needs to safe, practice social distancing and wash hands often.

  7. I work in the healthcare field as a front line responder and I think having secret shoppers so to speak is an excellent idea and a way to come up with new ones as problems arise. Everyone needs to safe, practice social distancing and wash hands often.

  8. Eric

    I’m not going either under these restrictions OR under these Gestapo tactics. Same for Disney. Both the companies and the local “authorities” better understand what they’re doing.

    If they think we’ll march like zombies into these parks, follow these rules and spend money that leads to profits and tax revenue based on wrong science, they are crazy.

    1. Jess

      Well, with significantly reduced capacity and public health programs continuing to recommend staying home as much as possible, they’re not looking to have any crowds storm the gates. You don’t have to believe the science. The virus doesn’t care what you think. You staying away will probably keep you safer.

  9. Anne

    Igor, Dee, Durdurdur…THANK YOU for being the voices of reason! Spies in Disney Springs ….. yeah, that’s gonna bring the people back. What is happening to this country? Spying on shoppers to feel safe????? Stay the hell home if you’re afraid and let the rest of us live our lives in peace. This insanity is driven by the media and the ignorant fall in lockstep. Sheep.

  10. Anne

    Oops …I read Universal but typed DS. My bad. It happens.?

  11. Jennifer Keel

    Gestapo tactics isn’t going to be good for this country at all. The United States of America will be destroyed from within just like all the others and it’s just going to get worse. I refuse to go somewhere that I will be spied upon. Downfall of our country is happening right before our eyes with lies and fear tactic so the government can control you. Belinda Gates wearing upside down cross right on national morning television shows that they want to vaccinate you with chip mark of the beast and the evil in the world shows we are in times so people better wake up because Jesus is coming 2029. ??? for our country and pray you’re right with god

  12. Davis

    I am security for disney and i have friend whom work at uni too same thing goes for security we plain close and go around the parks like guests… its protocol! To all those whom complain its called safety dont you want that on vacation??? Btw everything is on cameras too big brother is always watching so try again!

  13. Michelle D

    Secret shoppers won’t actually do anything to cause non-distancing, non-mask-wearing guests from changing their ways. All the secret shoppers do is tally the number of times the parks don’t enforce their rules…and then that data will be used to re-close the parks. There is no safer situation, only a data collection situation.

  14. Michelle Mapes

    Super excited for these measures, not only because it’s less worry for my family, but because it will keep all the conspiracy theorists, Karen’s, and science deniers out of the parks. Sounds more enjoyable already 🙂

  15. Andrea

    Are they going to do the same when disney decides to open sonetime in Sept. How come they didn’t start secret shopoers when disney springs opened up? I think disney set this up to catch universal not following protocol.So universal and their security staff better be allert! Because disney is mad they are opening first.

  16. I love the idea of secret shoppers. Too bad I couldn’t be one

  17. Dan

    We are really turning into a communist country. WTF?!?!!!!! Lol

  18. Ricardo Diaz

    Generally speaking,people are stupid and throw out all precautions they’ve practiced for 2 months. It’s a GREAT IDEA TO HAVE THE SHOPPERS.

  19. Sue burroughes

    Is the park only open to Americans, those that live in Florida?

  20. Cesar

    It’s not safe yet to open parks .money is important but more important health.should wait little more.

  21. ginger Baggett

    How can you sign up to be a secret shopper?

  22. Dianne

    I think this is a good idea. Anything that keeps everyone safer until the coronavirus new cases is down to zero, is a good thing. People who think this is “Big Brother” are, in my opinion, conspiracy theory antagonists. This kind of thing has worked in other countries. Using them here only makes sense. If you wish to get sick and die, I guess is your right, but the last I knew suicide was/is agaisnt the law, and I choose not to let you take me with you. You don’t want to do social distancing yourself fine, just stay away from me.

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