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WDW AP FP June 2020


  1. Harley

    I called Disney they said ignore it they are testing the systems bc they are making sure once we are back they work properly bc so many have issues… bc they know their site and app arent the best! And they know how efficient it must be once open and everyone on it! I heard from my cm friend like i said early he heard later this yr they want to be safe… may change but they are going to follow whatever is necessary and right now desantis said no groups above 10 and 6ft apart for a while! Also they have 6 levels they need to go through in procedure before guests could be brought in as well as osha checks etc.Need to be safe and not sorry and so far i saw one person cleaning at dhs! Lets just have patience we will be going back soon… also please be kind to cms they are in the same place as all of us its not just us whom have been away from the parks its them from their jobs and bring magic to people.

  2. Mark

    I honestly watched the news find this hard to believe and rather not get areestrd for going to disney when we arent even aloud via the law disney is not above the law they said and so did other parks that they will wait till the 50% or more gsthering is cleared and less social distancing… as a past manager i can tell you there are some parks and attractions in em that will remain closed bc they can not limit lower and i am sure disney wants as close to normal as we all do visiting!

    1. Jolyth

      No they didn’t. Disney hasn’t made any official announcement. on what they are doing. That is why people keep asking. And the stay at home order isn’t a law. It’s an order issued by the Governor, who has already said that Disney and other theme parks are pretty much free to choose their own path to reopening.

      1. Jackie

        No they are not above the law the govenor never said they were in charge! Hes telling sheriffs to stand guard at beaches etc and can close them at their disgression and arrest people if they do not follow directions! Disney is a public company they must follow rules.

      2. Rebel Porg

        I would trust mark harley and davis word more than you and half the writers here that do not have a sense of pity! Enough is enough! Let the parks reopen in time not in a war path oh and dont forget hurricane season and killer Hornets are next… jic we needed something else theres always something else!

  3. Deb

    It makes sense to have AP holders (in state), then Florida residents and then open it up in the last phase. You want to test the waters first and Disney has to limit capacity. Find out where the “bugs” are and adjust.

    1. Dar

      I don’t agree, if people want to come, why limit to Florida. Florida residents can go more often than others who can only go at certain times.

      1. Deb

        Gradual is the key here. Florida may still have a restriction on out of state visitors being required to self isolate for 2 weeks. No point in coming if you are expected to not go anywhere. Then you have restrictions when you return to your home state. I am not a Florida resident.

  4. Ashley G

    All very interesting…and pure speculation at this point. We rescheduled a May 15 trip to July 11. And, already had an early December trip booked some time ago. (We’re from Louisiana and go to DW two or three times a year). So, whatever DW decides, we understand.

  5. Davis

    I am still on duty as security at wdw i can tell you we are nowhere near ready to safely bring back cms let alone guests… please have patience! We will see each other real soon! Also i do not know if any of you get the procedures for reopening the park has as many levels as a the state if not more bc theres 4 parks 2 water and all the hotels springs etc its a big job! Its not an overnight thing by any means nor a one or 2 month thing! One of my jobs recently was trying to mark paths to see if 6ft could work i agree w mark above there are many parks full like dhs that can not open and mk half the attractions would be done for safety concerns w lines! Believe me you will thank wdw when everyone is back and they waited.

  6. Michelle

    The app has been allowing people to make FP reservations in all months. The fact APs can book FPs in June means nothing since Disney opened bookings for June, so anyone with a June reservation has been able to book FPs for June for the past month. Another poster, Davis, is the most reliable. The fact is that WDW cannot open on a spur of the moment. It is going to happen in phases. Following the Chinese and Hong Kong models, it will likely begin with just the restaurants in Disney Springs and SLOWLY open up new areas as the data suggests it becomes safe.

  7. John Mitchell mitchell

    I’m just concerned about opening When and how will they do

  8. Michelle infante

    Dear Disney, I was there during Hurricane Irene and there in MgM studios on 911 which you all handle it Amazing. I truly believe that Disney is preparing to open and accommodate visitor. I will wait patiently and my family and I are ready to go. Xo Mickey

  9. Janie

    When its ready the govenor doesnt want to rush it our numbers keep increasing in both state of. Cali and fl! This is not a fight to win easily… if we as a country/state have levels so does Disney even if they have a date in mind they will never tell the public in fear those levels might change based on parks. Its not like riding out a storm where the park is closed for a day or so cleaned and boom! You know what it be like if any govenor says yes to open disney before essential as i tell my kids needs vs wants! It will open in time! The states are just now on level 1let it be and see how it goes! Level 2-3 are months off but guess what you survived this long right? Bonus note my kids are still home i am a single parent so they need to go back to school before i can happily smile as a cm!

  10. Jeff Wienstein

    Disney has to walk a fine line here – open too quickly and risk an outbreak that gets traced to the park, wait too long and you are screwed financially. And with the parks closed, the cruise ships docked and film and TV production stalled, they have to be losing a phenomenal amount of money every day. Whatever they do, I doubt they will do anything to risk tarnishing their brand.

    1. Jackie

      People lawsuit the parks for way less ya know…

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