Comments for The “New Normal” for Flying Through Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

Credit: Paul Hennessy | Barcroft Media | Getty Images


  1. JoAnne Toney

    I totally agree with the precautions that the airlines r taking. We r in this together. I just wish wearing a mask would b mandatory everywhere nationwide

  2. Bea

    You did not mention cleaning the bathrooms?

  3. Ingrid Seepersad

    These measures are absolutely in order. No Compliance, No Travel! Folks need to get with the program. Also, the least amount of loud, opened mouths talking, the better. Less saliva escaping.

  4. Rebel Orange Bird

    You forgot the bonus message from us out of state in those states i got…. you will be subjected to temp check and info check if your coming into visit family you must still isolate yourself for 14 days (how they know beats me) the way they get you is if you got reservations for hotels theme parks etc and your vacation does not exceed 14 days they will either send you home or ask you to sell isolate if longer!
    Thats insane i rather stay home! My friend tried to drive down bc shes an idiot once she showed she was from nyc sheriff escorted her around the horn back onto north bound 95! They are a stickler at boarders went to pa nice army gal was there to tell me to go home i was like yes ma’am!

    1. Brian

      I’m sorry but this is just not true. I’ve flown into Orlando twice in the last month and I had my temperature taken at my departing airport only. And there was no one there telling people they had to quarantine for 14 days.

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Are you from ny ct pa and la then yes they are! If your not from those states or brazil thats now been banned and they said they might ban new yorkers then yes!

        1. Brian

          I’m from California and each time I’ve stayed in Orlando for 3 days. There isn’t anyone in the airport checking where people are from and saying anything about having to quarantine for 14 days. I’ve been there personally twice in the last month and will be there again in a couple of days and what you’re saying is not true.

  5. Rebel Orange Bird

    Brian, you obvious did not see i M from nyc! We actually can not travel and might like brazil stay banned! You are from cali and thats why the protocol is different… hence what i said and i got a different message coming from ny!

    1. Renzo585

      That’s not true I’m from Rochester NY upstate I had no problems either neither did anyone say anything and I’ll be back in 3 weeks

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